How to Become a Bystander

Do you want to stop bullies from picking on other people? Bullying is a worldwide problem, in fact, right now there is over 1,000 children getting bullied at school and at home. Some people even go through depression due to this, and may even think about suicide. Here are some simple tips you can use to help somebody you suspect is being bullied.


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    Report the bully to a teacher or somebody you trust. Don't feel scared, you won't be in trouble if the person isn't actually being bullied. It is better to make sure they're safe and happy, rather than leave them to suffer on their own.
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    Be there for the victim. If the bullying continues, don't give up on them! A shoulder to cry on, or a friend to support you can make the difference. If they are just an acquaintance, try to include them in your friendship group, and let them know you're there for them even though you're not really friends.
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    If the bullying is still happening, gather your friends together and confront the bully. Remember, *do not* insult them or attack them in any way, just let them know it isn't acceptable. The bully could have some family issues or problems that you do not know about, so make sure you don't upset them, even though you might want revenge.
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    If the bullying is persisting after this point, tell the Headteacher. Bullying is unacceptable, it disrupts learning and can make the victim depressed. The only thing suitable at this point is to tell somebody in authority. If the bully is using severe threats or physically attacking the victim, do not be afraid to inform the police.


  • If you're scared to tell a teacher, remember, teachers won't think this is unusual, or judge you for not helping. They will do whatever they can to help the victim, and don't worry, they won't tell the bully who told the teacher.
  • If you're being bullied, don't face it alone. Look to someone you trust such as your parents/carers, and inform the school too. You're doing the right thing.


  • Do not make yourself a target, never put yourself in a situation that could be unsafe for you or your friends.
  • Don't bribe the bully with sweets or presents. This sends a clear message to the bully that they are stronger than you. This might result in them making you buy them things in the future.

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