How to Become a Business Teacher

An increasing number of secondary schools are offering business courses to help their students prepare for their careers. Business teachers instruct students on marketing, economics, finance, accounting, management and basic finance computer skills. The business teachers who instruct students are well educated, usually receiving more than 1 degree as well as earning their teaching certificate. Although the field of education is competitive, business teachers often earn between $50,000 and $90,000 per year in the United States and they are afforded long holiday breaks, working 9 to 10 months per year. Learn the path to becoming a business teacher.


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    Foster an aptitude for math, economics, research and the business world. If your high school offers business classes, take a few before you graduate. Since becoming a business educator requires a high amount of schooling, you should excel and enjoy these fields before applying for college.
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    Apply for and attend a business education program. Focus on schools that offer a business degree alongside an education degree. For example, a business education degree will teach you advanced economics, marketing and accounting, along with courses on teaching methodology.
    • There are a few different degree options that you can look for. If you want to choose a degree that will offer you a high degree of career versatility, then choose either a double major in business and education or a bachelor's degree in business with an emphasis in education. This will allow you the qualifications to become a business teacher, a business trainer or a business manager.
    • You may also want to look for programs that encompass both the bachelor's and master's degrees. Some business education courses will offer 1 or 2 year program additions that give you a master's degree in education or business. This is the best option if you want to work in higher education.
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    Complete your student teaching hours. In addition to your coursework, you will be required to assist a business teacher for at least 1 semester.
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    Consider a graduate degree in business education. In order to teach in post-secondary schools, you will need at least a master's degree. You may be able to increase your salary by obtaining a graduate degree before you start teaching or in the future.
    • In order to teach business at a business school and most universities, you will need to obtain a doctorate in business or business education. This may require up to 6 additional years of schooling after receiving your bachelor's degree, along with completion of a doctoral thesis.
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    Apply for part-time teaching positions while you are in graduate school. Many universities are hiring graduate students, especially doctoral candidates, to teach undergraduate business courses. Try to obtain a fellowship to earn teaching experience and wages or room and board while you are in school.
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    Apply to become a licensed teacher in your state. Each state has different licensing requirements; however, most include exams, both written and practical, an application and a fee.
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    Apply for jobs in secondary schools, community colleges or universities. You may need to expand your search outside of your current location in order to find open business teaching positions.
    • Business teacher opportunities are becoming harder to find in university environments. Many schools are choosing to employ doctoral candidates in part-time positions, instead of filling full-time, and eventually tenured, positions. You may need to start as a part-time teacher.
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    Renew your license every few years. As with most professional licenses, you will be required to reapply, pay fees and take continuing education classes to remain a licensed teacher.
    • Some states have alternative ways that you can achieve your teaching license. If you have pursued a career in business after completing a bachelor's degree, you may be able to seek specialized teacher training to be awarded your teaching certificate or a provisional license. Visit your state's licensing board website to see if there are other ways that you can become a licensed business teacher.

Things You'll Need

  • Bachelor's degree in Education and Business
  • Master's degree
  • Doctorate (optional)
  • Teaching certificate
  • Student teaching hours
  • Continuing education credits
  • Teaching fellowship (optional)

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