How to Become a Building Manager

The manager of buildings has a mufti-faceted job. This person oversees a widely divergent staff, as well as brings in outside experts when needed. The manager must keep the tenants satisfied, the individual units rented, negotiate leases, keep the building mechanics in good working order, oversee support staff and make regular reports on these duties to the owners of the building. In addition to that, the building manager often manages more than 1 building, so keeping the different day to day requirements met can be an exacting job. In order to secure a building manager job, there are things that can be done to make your resume stand out from other job applicants.


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    Attend high school and get a diploma. This is necessary to get into college and obtain the necessary degrees to enhance your resume.
    • An alternative to a high school diploma is a General Educational Development or G.E.D.
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    Enroll in a 4 year college and get a BA degree in building management, business administration or finance. Taking classes in interpersonal relationships or time management will also help you move ahead in your chosen field. Some landlords will choose an education over experience, although a combination of both is a good thing to post on a resume.
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    Take computer software classes. The building management industry has software developed specifically for them. Many community colleges offer classes in specialized software. These classes can be taken on weekends or in the evenings and generally require only a few weeks to finish.
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    Get a real estate license. It will be invaluable when negotiating leases with tenants, especially large commercial tenants who will often have a staff of their own experts to negotiate the best possible lease.
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    Get hands-on experience as an assistant to a property manager. Observe the day to day handling of staff and the manager's response to emergencies. Note their effectiveness.
    • Some building managers rise to their position by dint of hard work and superior skills. Try not to complain, and treat every task you are given as another opportunity to shine.
    • Another route to try would be to get a job as the manager of a small apartment building. In that position, you will be doing most of the work yourself rather than directing a staff, but personal experience always looks good on a resume.
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    Get as much practical hands-on experience in related fields as you can.
    • A summer job clerking in a large store will allow you to hone your interpersonal skills and selling techniques.
    • Working for a cleaning services company will offer you insight in time management to handle large cleaning jobs, which will help when you need to hire cleaning crews for your building.
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    Obtain the best personal references possible. Besides experience and education, honesty and a willingness to work hard are just as important. Always ask for a reference from anyone for whom you work, even it it's only a short term job.

Things You'll Need

  • High school diploma
  • College degree in business administration, business management or finances
  • Real estate license
  • Resume
  • Computer training in industry specific software

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