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One of the great keys to be a great Basketball Shooting Guard is to have focus and confidence. If you are not focused during a game, you will never have an idea on where to have the spots where you can have those pretty shots and be able to have those great victories you and your team ever wished. Confidence is also a great impact in every game because this is what the coach is really wanted for his players; a player who can deliver the ball into the ring and have a great contribution to the team’s victory. Here are some tips for you to become the best shooting guard in the league.


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    Get Rid of Defender. Initiate accuracy and run from your defender. Shooting guards should be quick and best runners. Learn to trick your defender by looking at his/her eyes. If his/her eyes is not towards you then that’s the time to move quickly to a vacant spot or position where you wished to shoot the ball. Ball handlers will not hesitate to pass the ball to you when they see you wide open for a shot. Be sure that the basketball ring is visible to your eyes and you are not very close to the other opponents to get rid of distractions, deflections and blocks.
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    Call for attention. Sometimes ball handlers can’t notice that you are wide open for a pass to shoot. Call for his/her (ball handler) attention by yelling or some other way of calling his/her attention for him to pass the ball.
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    Catch the ball well. Be focused and watch the ball closely from the time it leaves from the passers hands. Be ready to catch the ball by raising your hands high in front of your chest with fingers spread open and pointing up. Thumbs should be an inch or two apart. If the ball is not perfectly passed towards you, move towards the ball so that other defenders will not deflect it. Bend your elbows slightly as the ball hits your open hand to absorb the pass to avoid wasting it.
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    Look straight to the rim. Once you have the ball, hold well the ball like you don’t want to it to let go. Look straight to the rim and never be destructed from your opponents. Imagine that it’s only you and the rim that is inside the court. If possible, don’t think of passing the ball to your teammates because this will only destruct you and even destroy your plan of scoring unless the defender knew where you go and caught you that instantly.
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    Be confident. Breathe deeply. Bear on your mind that the ball will shoot and never think that you will miss the opportunity of scoring a basket. Never look to your opponents, just focus on the ring. Most important is you are 100% confident that you will shoot the ball!
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    Locate the focal point of the ring. There are two ways on how you will shoot the ball; it is either straight to the ring or through the board. The most important thing is you know how to measure the degree and locate the focal point before shooting the ball. It is best if you practiced shooting the ball many times so that you will know different angles for shooting the ball.
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    Shoot the ball. This is now the most crucial step. Your team will depend on you and wish that you will make it. Even your coach will eventually pray for you to shoot the ball if it will be the last shot for the win. You will be crowned the hero if you made it and you helped your team won the game. <br#Be sure you are in good position before shooting the ball. Hold the basketball correctly. There are some references in the internet where you can find fundamentals on how to hold the ball properly. Feet should be kept pointing the hoop all the times before and after leaping or jumping. Leap as high as you can when shooting the ball to get rid of block from the opponent or if you are a short-jumper, make use of quick release but make sure you practiced it so that you will not miss the shot. There are many references in the internet you can read about shooting fundamentals. The most important here is that you are confident enough to shoot the ball and stay focus to avoid distractions.


  • If you are being guarded, attempt a pump fake to make the defender think you are going to shoot. When he jumps or takes his eyes off you, dribble away from him and into a good shooting position.
  • If the defender knew where you are going and you already got the ball, dribble the ball and have some dribbling actions. The best is learning how to cross your defender and go to another vacant spot to shoot.
  • There are many techniques on how to get rid of defenders found in the internet and you can even watch videos about basketball drills.
  • Practice makes perfect. Practice with the team every time or you can have your close friends play with you and ask them to help you with your training. You can even ask siblings, relatives, or adults to help out.
  • Attend or join basketball programs and institutions to further improve your basketball skills, especially when it comes to shooting.
  • You can also play and try to master basketball video games, since these virtual simulators can help educate you about basketball in a fun and an interactive way.


  • Don't shoot right away once you have the ball, follow steps above. But if time is running out, this maybe an excuse, just pray it will go into ring.
  • Try to work with your team and come up with great strategies that can allow you to win the games more often.
  • Don't run too much and don't stay idle too much as well.
  • Don't stick too close to your defender because it will just give you difficulties to score a basket.
  • Don't waste your energy, shooting requires energy. You should rest if your defender has a tight defense on you. He will be tired of guarding you and you still can score, don't worry.
  • If you got the ball and the defenders caught you, never attempt to shoot the ball. You will surely miss it and make your team angry.

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