How to Beat Nascar 09

Have you ever wondered how to beat NASCAR 09, but just couldn't pull it off? Tired of Jeff Gordon's comments and EA Sports manuals? Well, here's the real strategy guide to NASCAR 09 for all you folks who want to leap to the big time immediately.


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    Buy an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or Playstation 2 and NASCAR 2009! You can't play the game without these too.
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    Click yes to auto saving. It will work as you can save your progress throughout the game.
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    When Jeff Gordon wants to take you for a test run, say no. Immediately skip to driver info and career mode.
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    Sign with a Nationwide Series team and sponsor. This sponsor and team should be the lowest on the list of sponsors that you can access because you gain the most reputation and performance points.
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    Set the race length to 3%, turn tire wear off, turn opponent strength to easy, adaptive strength to on, damage to off, collisions to off, and flag rules to off. This might damage your long-term success, but it will help you gain the reputation you need.
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    Begin racing! However, with these settings, you should qualify at around 30th, but you must win every single race in order to gain reputation quickly.
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    Win every race! Seriously. If you win a race by leading a lap, you will get 249 reputation points per race (an added 50 for the Las Vegas race). If you do this, you should be able to sign with a Sprint Cup Series team in just 4 Nationwide Series races.
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    Sign with Polesitter Motor sports and the lowest sponsor on the accessible list of sponsors, and then you're in the Sprint Cup Series!
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    Repeat these steps, and watch your reputation go up. By the time you don't gain any more reputation, you should have 1 championship and around 50 wins if you do this properly. So, now you can start increasing the difficulty levels, and start from ones that are worth the least, and then start adding on the difficulty.


  • You will get plenty of messages from Jeff Gordon detailing your success and sponsorship problems, but shut that off. If you do, all you will do is hurt your chances of successfully beating this game.
  • When you reach maximum reputation and car performance, don't stop until you win 8 championships. This is because you won't have a feeling of completion if you do.
  • Win every single race. It helps you and your reputation levels rise shockingly.
  • If you are a beginner, try racing first in "RACE NOW" mode with other cars, but please don't do yours.
  • As soon as you get to one level of reputation needed to sign with a next-level sponsor, sign immediately. For example, if you have 6500 reputation points and you have a sponsor requiring 6000 reputation points, sign with the sponsor that requires 6500 reputation immediately. This might be a huge risk, but this will help you gain more reputation and performance points faster.
  • Do this when you're ready to do this. You will only be ready to do this when you can win consistently with the worst car on Hard.


  • Sponsors will believe that you betrayed them. By doing this, you also hurt your chance at maximum performance points.
  • You will only gain reputation per race for about 1 and a half seasons if you follow these tips for the first run.
  • You need to adjust reputation modifiers as soon as you stop gaining reputation points, otherwise it will be really hard to get 9999 reputation points and 1600 total performance points.

Things You'll Need

  • NASCAR 09 video game
  • Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or a PlayStation 2
  • Lots of skill

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