How to Beat Horde Mode on Insane

Horde mode is an insanely fun and suicidal way to get the seriously 2.0 achievement, or vent your rage, whichever it is, the main goal of any gears 2 junkie, is to beat it on the insane difficulty. It's been done though. You ready? (Ref: It's more satisfying to go it alone)


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    Before you go into the field, play a couple levels of gears 2 on insane, get a taste of what you're going up against. I'd suggest a level that pits you up against a variety of enemies with minimal amounts of cover present.
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    Get ready to get your butt kicked by the locust. The first wave of horde is nothing but drones who can't use cover effectively, and wretches. Lancer the wretches and make sure to score headshots on the drones.
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    Be warned, by wave four, the locust will be using lancers. If you've played a level on insane, you'll know a few bullets directed at you, will kill you instantly. The best thing to do, is hold the trigger until they don't get up.
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    On wave two, the butchers will come in, that's the best time to estimate the strength of what's to come. when fighting the butchers lead them into planted grenades, or stay one step ahead of them, blasting them with the shotgun. Beware though, they have a good reach with that cleaver.
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    Shotgun locust are bad. First of all, if you come around the corner and one is standing right there, you're already dead, second. they also know how to use grenades, and they WILL use them. But during that brief moment, they are vulnerable, make headshots, use your snub pistol, you deal constant damage as they just stand there, the pistol has a zoom mode too, so you have accuracy.
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    Don't forget about the smaller locust too, they still can kill you, especially when you're distracted, always do a full 360 turn to see if any enemies are sneaking around you. Watch out for wretches and tickers, wretches attacks are more devastating, and tickers have much more splash damage when they explode.
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    By wave seven. all varieties of boomer is on the field (Boomer, Butcher, Grinder, Mauler) The boomers are deadly, kill them first, never stay in one spot, they'll just fire and the splash damage from the rocket will do you in. When you hear them say their catch phrase, the iconic "BOOM" dodge, or move away from the vicinity of where they are aiming. Although, the boomers are not too bright, so rig up some planted grenades, they'll walk past, and you'll deal some damage.
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    Butchers, by now you've realized, the the shotgun makes short work of these cumbersome thugs.
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    Grinders. If you're caught in the path of their bullets for but a second, you're mulch. make some headshots, if you're lucky you can blast off their helmet, it's a little easier to rid the world of their existence if they have no noggin protection. What's more, they just stand there out in the open, towering above any and all forms of cover, firing until there gun overheats, then standing there until it cools down. Lob in some grenades to speed up the process. Be careful though, in horde they usually spawn 2 or 3 at a time. Making it harder to try to kill them. Their tactic is to intimidate you into hiding behind cover, which they will walk around. If you have played the first gears of war, and killed general RAAM on insane, use the same tactics against the Grinders.
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    Maulers, one of the WORST enemies to face. First of all, on insane they're practically invincible. Second, their helmets are obviously too small for their thick skulls, and therefore stuck. Third, they must be the smarter boomers, because when they feel the sting of a bullet, they duck down behind a shield that, amazingly, covers 98% of their hulking mass. Fourth, Most boomer classes say something before they start with the trigger-pulling, and it gives you about three seconds of time to get to some cover, maulers on the other hand say it as they do it, as soon as you hear the first letter of their catchphrase (CRUSH) You're dead. Their mace has some seriously powerful splash damage, and if it doesn't kill you, it just knocks you down, and the mauler will just stomp up to you and finish the job as soon as you stand up. Fifth: (And worst) They can run! And they can cover lots of ground really quickly. The best ways to get rid of them, is to use the torque bow, planted grenades, boomshot, and continuous lancer fire at any exposed part on their body.
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    Bolters are locust who's walk speed is much like the roadie run, and obviously received ninja training. For their ability to get behind you and send .45 bullets into your physiology. They are more so like snipers because they have the gear to kill you in one shot, but are weak.
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    Kantus are bad too. They somehow know when an enemy is down but not out, and will revive them from anywhere on the battlefield, they throw ink grenades that kill you within two seconds of being near them. They carry the gorgon pistol and a burst does you in. They also, maliciously, summon tickers to end your life. But despite that, they are vulnerable, whenever they shriek, they just stand there, and when they are preparing to throw an ink, they are vulnerable. It's best to deal with them at long range.
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    Beast riders/Bloodmounts appear at the end of your excursion. Try to kill the Beast rider first, (The one with the gun) the bloodmount is a formidable foe. (Understatement) They never stop moving, zig zagging their way towards you, and then stabbing their razor sharp feet into you. Buy yourself some time by shooting their helmet, it malfunctions and they try to claw it off, get in as many shots as possible, but now, without that helmet to protect their face, they are more vulnerable, be careful, they usually travel in groups of two. And on insane, they are a serious threat to getting a mega-high score on horde. They are a combination of ranged and close attacks. But like everything else they can be killed.
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    Practice active reloads, try to get nothing but perfects, it adds some more bang for your buck.


  • Try to get all the special weapons lying about the map, Sniper rifle, torque bow, Gorgon pistol, hammer of dawn, etc.
  • Keep moving from one cover to another, it gives you a better angle on an enemy, and can give you a good escape plan.
  • Take the mulcher from fallen grinders, it makes short work of enemies.
  • Boom-shields are good to have on hand, Use them to force some of the larger locust to a Killzone where you are better prepared.
  • When engaged in melee combat, keep moving around the enemy, one hit, you're dead!
  • If you have a down but not out, use quick executions.
  • on insane you rarely get knocked down, so don't switch to grenade when you think you're about to go down.
  • Get some good music to play while you fight.


  • Every ten waves, enemies grow stronger. Accuracy increases, Damage gets greater, and Their health increases.
  • Getting killed while playing on insane is a normal thing.

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