How to Beat Cabin Fever

Three Methods:Getting CreativeChanging Your EnvironmentConsuming the Right Stuff

Wintertime can be a big drain on anyone’s mood. Cold weather, lack of sun, and general boredom can bring on the seasonal blues. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can banish cabin fever by getting creative, making some changes to your environment, and consuming the right stuff. Fill your winter with family and fun.

Method 1
Getting Creative

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    Get physical inside. When it's just too cold to go outdoors, make the inside of your house into a playground! Use couch cushions to make a “wrestle room;” outline an obstacle course using chairs, tables, and other household items; or use foam basketballs or footballs to simulate sports games inside. Getting your body moving is lots of fun and never fails to perk up your mood.[1]
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    Make a family craft. Try a new craft such as creating a family scrapbook. Get everybody involved by picking out favorite family pictures. Create a special category page for each one. Write your favorite stories or memories, and then add some colorful stamps or stickers.
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    Start a recipe box or book. Pick out favorite recipes from magazines, newspapers or books, Write down family favorites. Type them onto cards or cut them out and paste them into a scrapbook. Let other members of the households pick out some of their favorites and take a day to create the recipes. Create a warm and delicious smelling kitchen on a cold windy day.
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    Put on a family game night. Gather some of your favorite board games, play charades or even your own version of win, lose or draw. Plant candy or trinkets around the house as prizes. Create a few teams and play games. Serve everybody's favorite snack and beverage.
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    Have a dance party. When all else fails, simply put on some funky tunes and shake it off. Dance those cabin fever blues away. You can even put together a “Banishing Cabin Fever” playlist with all your favorite songs to dance to, and save it for a gloomy, snowy day.

Method 2
Changing Your Environment

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    Go outside. Challenge cabin fever’s hold on you, by facing the elements head on! Bundle up and head out into the cold. A little sunshine, some fresh air, and a change of perspective are exceptionally powerful at chasing cabin fever away. Go for a walk, make a snow angel, or just step outside for five minutes. It can do wonders for your winter mood.[2]
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    Move your bed. You can maximize your absorption of depression-fighting Vitamin D and keep cabin fever at bay by simply relocating your bed! Move your bed under a window that gets some light during the early morning. This little boost of sunlight can shine some positivity into your whole day. [3]
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    Invest in house plants. When everything outside is dead and gray (contributing to depression and cabin fever), bring some life and color into your home. Invest a few houseplants. Select varieties that are easy to care for and don’t require a great deal of light. Keeping a few green, living beings in your house can invigorate your mood and even give you a tiny oxygen boost.[4]
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    Seal up drafts. You’ll have a hard time banishing cabin fever if you’ve got the chills. Seal up any drafts in your house or apartment to stay cozy and warm. Place rolled up towels or store-bough “draft stoppers” at the bases of your windows or at the bottom of doors.[5]
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    Clean your house. Invite a springtime feeling into your home by doing some early spring-cleaning. A cluttered apartment is a recipe for cabin fever blues, so get your blood pumping, and boost your mood by taking the time to clean, organize, and reduce clutter. Clean your cabin fever funk right out of your house![6]

Method 3
Consuming the Right Stuff

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    Eat warm foods. Staying warm and cozy means burning more calories. You can stay happy and healthy during the winter by eating hearty stews and warm chilis. If your belly is nice and full of good warm stuff, you are less likely to be affected by cabin fever.[7]
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    Get some vitamin D. The number one cause of seasonal depression is lack of sunlight (or vitamin D). Add some vitamin D to your diet by eating fish, mushroom, fortified milk, or taking supplements. Also, look for the sun anywhere you can! Sit in front of a window or bundle up and head out onto your porch for a few minutes. If you live in a region with very little natural sunlight, consider investing in a sunlamp.[8]
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    Eat healthy sugar. Lack of sunlight can cause us to crave high-sugar foods. Give yourself a sweet sugar boost in a healthy way to help keep cabin fever away. Try dark chocolate covered cherries, dried mangoes, or carrots roasted with a little honey to satisfy your sugar cravings and boost your mood.[9]
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    Avoid binging on TV or movies. Watching a movie or a few episodes of a TV show can be a great way to pass the time indoors. But spending the whole day (or night) binge watching, is likely to contribute to feelings of listlessness and depression, inviting cabin fever in to stay. Limit yourself to an hour or two of TV time each day, or less.[10]
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    Avoid binging on food. When there is nothing much to do, people have a tendency to stuff themselves full of high-carb, high-calorie foods. While snacking can be fun and uplifting, overdoing it will make you feel heavy, and put you in a bad mood. Exercise some portion control when snacking. Endlessly eating in front of the TV actually encourages feelings of cabin fever.[11]
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    Engage your mind. Doing anything that stimulates your cognitive capacities is wonderful for banishing cabin fever. Try doing a crossword puzzle, Sudoku, or just reading a book. If you can do this activity while sitting in front of a window, even better![12]


  • If you're involved in the creative arts, you can use this time to work on any projects you have.

Things You'll Need

  • Movies
  • Sleeping bags
  • Games
  • Favorite books
  • Small prizes
  • Scrapbook tools and accessories
  • Favorite family portraits
  • Recipes
  • Cards
  • Plants
  • Warm clothes
  • Towels or draft stoppers
  • Yummy warm food

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