How to Be the Perfect All Star Cheerleader

So you've found something you're really passionate about, (all-star) cheerleading! But the question is, how do you be the best you can be at it? Read this article for a guide to being the closest thing there is to a perfect all-star cheerleader!


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    Work hard! A perfect cheerleader is always a hard worker. Competitive cheerleading is a particularly difficult sport that requires lots of hard work, dedication, focus, and practice. Never hold yourself back and keep pushing yourself mentally and physically. If you do so, the tasks and skills that you are practicing will progress and gradually become easier and less strenuous.
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    Listen to your coaches and experienced teammates. Coaches are often going to be very tough on their athletes. You should listen to their advice and focus on completing the tasks they give you as best as you can. If you have questions about how to improve your skills, tell your coach what is going wrong and ask what you can do to fix it.
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    Attend all practices, competitions, Etc. It is very important that you have perfect or close to perfect attendance. All-star (Competitive) cheerleading is a team sport, and for the team to be successful, full team attendance is required. without this, the team will not be able to adequately practice their routine, and therefore, they will not do as well as desired when competing.
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    Be kind, energetic, and helpful. It is important that you include everyone on the team and be kind and helpful to all of your teammates. You should understand that all-star cheerleading is a difficult sport and not everyone will pick up on it at the same speed. Try your best to help out anyone who is struggling on the team, and stay calm in frustrating situations. Remember, a team is only as strong as its weakest link!
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    Be dressed appropriately and well made-up. Wear the correct practice clothes, and be sure that they are clean. have your hair brushed and in a neat ponytail or bun with a bow during practice. Apply light make-up if you'd like.
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    Be ready for competitions. When you arrive, have your hair neatly done matching your teammates, using hair spray and bobby pins to keep it in place. You should also have your clean uniform on, and your make-up done neatly to match your teammates. Bring essential make-up, extra hair spray, hair-tyes, an extra bow (if you have one), chapstick, money, water, a healthy snack, extra socks/shoes, and an inhaler (if you need one). You can pack these things in a lightweight backpack of your team's colors. Don't be late!
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    Practice, practice, practice! All-star cheerleading is a difficult sport, and in order to become good, you need to practice! work on skills in an order of progression from easier to more difficult, and resist the temptation to skip ahead! Skipping ahead will hurt you in the long run and you will find it harder to master any skill. Your body is not prepared for you to skip from a round-off back handspring to a full twisting layout. The best way is to progress in order and continue practicing skills of all levels!

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