How to Be the Most Captivating Classic Dresser

The Classic style is timeless.

The true Classic dresser is elegant and sophisticated. Impeccably groomed, she is the most artless and intriguing woman in the room. She is captivating. But her secret is not designer clothing nor even natural poise but an infallible taste.

This guide will help you enhance your inner Classic Woman and select the best possible pieces with which to create your own timeless style!


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    Look for the perfect cut. The Perfect cut equals the Perfect Outfit. Above all, cut is the most vital element of your look. If possible, imitate the French women and have all your staple items tailored. If you cannot afford tailoring, be ruthless when shopping. Only purchase pieces that fit you perfectly--belts that hug your hips, fitted waistlines and shoulders. Keep in mind that the most beautiful silhouette is clean, simple with graceful lines.
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    Remember, for a Classic look, colour will be your main medium. Seek out pure shades rather than "in-between" tones. Black is always lovely and white, navy, charcoal and true red are other desirable shades. If these colours do not attract you, do not be afraid to experiment with less conventional tones. However, be sure that your choice does not detract or distract from the innate beauty of the garment; the grace of its lines, the perfection of its design.
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    Experiment with prints; they can be beautiful paired with minimalist pieces. However, exercise caution as prints can also be distracting. Choose a print that is neither too "loud" or too "busy". Tasteful, original floral designs are lovely as are bold, geometric patterns. Let your instincts guide you but remember: the simpler, the better.
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    Always remember the first rule of Classic Style: the quality of your material is paramount. Do not settle for any inferior fabrics as the simplicity of classic clothes will certainly make this obvious. The beauty of a garment lies very much in the beauty of the materials used. Consider the different "characters" of various materials, how they look in different lights. A little black dress in wool has an immensely different feel to a little black dress in lace. The following are examples of "Classic" fabrics; silk, cashmere, good quality wool, lace, cotton, chiffon, corduroy. Fur is the best choice if you are looking to add a touch of luxury. If you are conscientious about wearing real fur, be sure to purchase a high quality faux substitute.
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    Use drama as your weapon. While it is true that cut and material create a beautiful outfit, it is drama that captures and intrigues. Wear your classic items with irony: defy some traditional proportion (wear a trench coat over a short dress), wear an unexpected colour, add a taste of tackiness with patent leather or fake jewelry. Above all, allow a fascinating glimmer of your soul to shine through. Always be sure, however, to consider all your choices in the light of good taste and make beauty a priority.
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    Use accessories to enhance beauty. Choose tasteful jewelry and keep your accessories to bare necessity. Avoid gaudy, bright designs unless you are making a statement. The most beautiful jewelry is simple, often traditional and architectural. Fresh flowers are also very attractive especially when pinned in the hair on on the lapel.
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    Use your shoes and handbag to pull your outfit together. Shoes must be elegant in shape, simple and tasteful. Steer away from shoes that are gaudy, highly decorated or overtly unconventional. Look instead for small details of heel shape, stitching, colour and material. Likewise, bags should be simple in design, monochromatic and embellished with little hardware.
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    Do not sacrifice comfort. Be sure that you are comfortable in the unique fit of your clothes and the reaction of the fabrics with your body. Study how your outfits moves with your moving body--is the effect graceful?


  • Define your personal style. Do you seek to project a Ladylike Classic? A Tomboy Classic, complete with blazer and tuxedo? Or are you a Classic French dresser, unafraid of a little decoration and a dash of leopard print?
  • Seek inspiration not only from icons of classic style but also women who have epitomized such different styles as Bohemian and Street fashion. You may be surprised at the elements you can incorporate successfully into your look.
  • Flea-markets, online auctions and boutiques are excellent places to find quality classic pieces. However, do not be tempted to buy an ill-fitting or inferior garment simply because it bears a good label or a low price.
  • Choose makeup and hair that is in keeping with your style. Beautiful, simple coiffured hair is always desirable as is low-key, clean makeup. Red lips, black liner or an unexpected hair shade (jet black, vivid auburn) can add an element of drama.
  • Simplicity and originality are the keys to a successful Classic Look. Research tirelessly and consider well before buying any item. Seek inspiration always and be sure to add your own take on the ideal Classic Woman. Do not be afraid to evolve but let your good taste lead you where it will. You are not a mannequin--you are a living work of art.
  • A Classic Woman has the advantage of wearing items for the duration of their lifetime. The more "worn-in" the clothes, the better they fit about the body. Nothing is better than a staple item that continuously evolves to add character to a changing wardrobe.


  • The Classic Woman is a dresser of immense discipline. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort needed to create and sustain such a look, then perhaps this style is not for you. But there is, most certainly, a style that is for you out there. Keep searching. It will find you.

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