How to Be the Life of a High School Party

Are you going to a high school party soon? Are you nervous or scared no one will pay attention to you and you'll end up standing in the corner with a drink in one hand and another in your pocket awkwardly?


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    Dress right. But be casual and fashionable, unless it is a big birthday bash or New Years Eve or something like that. If it's just a regular high school party, then just dress casual cute. Color studies show that red, magenta, and royal blue are more noticeable on people. And ladies, lay off of the eyeliner, because by the end of the night, you'll look like a corpse.
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    Flirt a little. Not too much to where you come off as a skank to people.
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    Crack a few jokes. But not cheesy obnoxious ones. Just bring your jokes in the middle of the conversation casually.
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    Don't try way too hard or people will see it and think you're lame. First impressions are good, and so are the last.
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    Introduce yourself to people. Even if you think they will think you're lame for doing it, they won't. They'll think you're cool, calm, and collective. And remember their names!
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    Be chill and play it cool, if there is drama, which there will be; it is a high school party, act like it doesn't bother you. And if people ask, say something like "Drama is lame, and anyone who starts it is lame too." or "I just don't have time for drama these days." or "That's so middle school, remember how immature people were?"
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    The last impressions are even more important than the first. Make sure people will remember you, but not in a bad way.


  • Keep your phone charged!
  • Be lovable, funny, free-spirited, and carefree.
  • Don't come off as awkward, skanky, slutty, annoying, or obnoxious.
  • Don't wear heels. They'll hurt. Flats, converse, sandals and Vans are good.
  • Wear waterproof makeup. Even if you won't be getting wet, you won't want racoon eyes
  • Talk, laugh, listen, and flirt. And above all, just stay cool and collected.
  • Bring a buddy. Don't be stuck alone in sticky situations. Since there probably will not be a chaperone or adult supervision, keep a buddy to stay in contact with throughout the night, but don't be too clingy to them.
  • Don't drink too much if there is drinking and smoking and such at the party. But always make wise decisions, and don't do anything you'd be too ashamed to tell your parents about.
  • Don't overdue the outfit, flashy but tasteful is good. Casual is good too, but sweats are bad. Something like denim booty shorts, a cute top and a few accessories are good.


  • NEVER set your drink down and come back to get it because someone might have put something not safe to drink in there.
  • Don't bring a big purse to the point where it's too heavy to carry around. Someone might swipe it.
  • Only bring essentials: keys, money, phone, ID, and feminine products if needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone
  • Money
  • Keys
  • ID (If you have ID)
  • A carefree heart!

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