How to Be the Fabulous School Girl

Are you bored of the friends you have now? Sick and tired of coming in to school with just two friends, (or more)? Well just read this article to find out what you have to do in order to make more friends and be THE Fabulous School Girl.


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    Get a perfect figure. Of course the perfect figure of one person is way too skinny for the next person, or too plump for someone else, so make sure your perfect figure will be consider perfect by as many of your schoolmates as possible. The most important thing for all fabulous school girls to have, is the perfect figure. This doesn't mean barfing out all that spaghetti you just had for dinner, it simply means working out and playing outside enough to burn off the excess calories you consume, if any. Both we working out and playing outside, by the way, also boost your confidence and social skills. Not to mention, giving you a chance to meet new people!)
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    Pick any sport or physical activity you like and do it!. Choose swimming, dancing, playing basketball, tennis soccer...anything physical. Devote an hour to this, about four times a week and do this every week to keep in shape. Added bonus-you get that glossy hair and that fresh-faced look which every girl would kill for!
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    Get some designer dresses. Thing Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Chole, Red or Dead etc. Have Fabulous School Girl Clothes. Clothes. The word that makes you wonder WHY you dragged your butt out of the bed in the morning at all. Relax. Your drab and dull wardrobe, your squinty eyes, and that horrid nest-like structure you pass off as hair...all deserve an entire day to themselves. We all know the big teen brand Fabulous School Girl brand names (not to be confused with Designer) Abercrombie and Fitch, Levi's, United Colors of Benetton, H&M and similar stores wear you live, remember, that's for everyday wear. Every diva should have at least a few designers dresses stashed away for the glamour nights. Keep it simple and don't try to hard too impress. The girl on MTV with a top ending around her waist, with saggy undies below that? Lame and way out of the question for you or any other Fabulous School Girl.
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    Get a new social life. This is a must-get for any girl wanting to reinvent her life for the better. Don't ever ditch your true friends. When you're down and lonely, let them always be the ones you turn to first, and be loyal to them. Save the politics for the rest.
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    Make new friends and form a brand-new group if (and only if) the old ones wasn't working for you. Maybe you don't think your old friends weren't that bad, but if they honestly ever made you feel half as fabulous as you truly are, you wouldn't be reading this article in the first place, would you?
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    Know all your friends inside out. Know your enemies too, especially if they're conniving, manipulative freaks who've never done anyone any good. Don't hang out with them- that will just arouse suspicion. Find common friends (if any) and dig up some dirt on those girls. Don't manipulate them just yet- it's always good to have something up your pretty sleeve.
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    Stand up for yourself. When one of those girls tries to make fun of you at first (by the time we're though,they'd barely have the guts to look you in the eye) simply laugh. Say something like 'why am I the only one laughing? Oh right,'cause you're THAT lame.' That should shut her up.
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    Keep good comebacks handy for whenever the need arises. Don't EVER be seen standing still with your mouth agape. Get sarcastic with people, and then flash a glossy smile.They'll never know what hit them.
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    When any friends (ones you're not quite so close to) try to put you down,say : "I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that" ever so politely. Feel free to manipulate those particular friends if you want. It's your group, honey, you rule it.
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    Don't be overly power-hungry. Don't obsess over the fact that some random guy thinks another girl is cuter than you. It's his choice, but really why give a damn? You don't wanna go out with someone who dares to compare you with some other chick, do you?
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    Flirt. This should be easy with those stellar good looks now. Flirt at school, at the gym, at stuffy art galleries (only if the artist in question looks like Neal Caffrey from White Collar. Popular girls set the standards) Don't flirt with people you don't like though. You'll come off as being too desperate.
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    Don't give up on studies. Fabulous girls are different from the totally replaceable queen bees, in that they're individuals, and they're awesome. They are never scared of sliding into ghastly dork-dom in case someone ever found out that they were smart. They know what they want and will go far in life.Your grades are a reflection of you. Don't let yourself down.
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    Find hobbies to keep yourself busy. Don't get bogged down by the idiots who say that the things you like aren't cool. If it involves getting up and showing a talent of yours, it's cool and you know it.
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    Keep a mysterious aura around yourself. Don't make eye contact with people in the hall that you don't care about. Don't stick your nose in the air either. If anyone asks where you've been, smile, slightly tilt your head and say 'nothing you'd know about.'


  • Get a catch-phrase. Not something funny like Sheldon Cooper's 'Bazinga!' (Big bang Theory), but something sexy,maybe like Gossip Girl's 'you know you love me.'
  • Enjoy. Take pride in the fact that popular as you are, you're not being haunted by career uncertainties, or more bitchy fr-enemies than you can handle. Relax. There's not a lot of girls who have it all. Be fabulous!
  • Don't get into a psycho-competitive mode. A girl with more friends in her group than you might secretly have a shameful past that she's desperately trying to forget. Don't be a bitch and make her go through it all over again, you'll just gain an enemy.


  • Don't get sucked into bad peer groups to make new friends. You're better off spending lunchtime at the library with some nerds, than shacking up with some smelly druggie at the barn.

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