How to Be the Center of Attention in Elementary School

Have you ever wanted to stop being a follower and become a prime leader? Have you ever wanted to be looked up to? Have you ever wanted all the people to like and stop ignoring you? Well, here's the article for you


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    Don't be a follower, be a leader. That doesn't mean you should be mean or bossy. Just talk to people a lot and laugh a lot. Try suggesting your input on plans for recess, or on what you are doing this weekend. Give advice to your friends if they need it. Care for others if you want them to care for you - people like caring friends.
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    Speak up in class. Answer and ask questions, raise your hand, and volunteer to read aloud or be the example student.
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    Ignore all mean people. Remember, not everyone can like you. If they have mean comments, don't retort, that just starts fights and creates more hatred. Just walk away and talk to someone else. If they make rumors, tell an adult. Spreading rumors is a type of bullying that a teacher should stop.
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    Make friends with all genders. Girls, boys, and anyone else, can be friends. Gender has nothing to do with who you can be friends with. Try hanging out with them at recess or sitting by them at lunch. Make good conversation with them. Share a laugh. Don't ever be mean to each other.
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    Be friends with unpopular people and disabled people, too (including people with mental disabilities). If people are making fun of them, stand up for them. Maybe you could sit by a person who couldn't find a spot at the lunch table and had to sit alone somewhere else. You can extend your friendship to everyone and anyone.
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    Have one best friend or a lot of best friends. Friends are key access to being cool and popular. Try meeting new people, but always remain friends to people you are really close to. Hang out with one or two friends every weekend, and spend time with all of your old friends, too. Never be rude or spread rumors about them or to them. Have fun hanging out and crack jokes. You could hang out in a huge group that always sticks together or just hang out with a few others. And being alone is great too! Whatever makes you happy.
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    Try creating an e-mail account with your parents' permission. This way you can get Internet connection with your friends. If they're out of town or they moved away, just send them an e-mail and make contact with them. You can make plans over the Internet, or when you're bored, you can just start chatting.
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    Get a cell phone, if you can. Program all your friend's phone numbers into it. Take pictures of you and your friends if it has a camera! Texting is a great way to communicate. However, this is only worthwhile if other people have phones, because otherwise there won't be anyone to text!
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    Act fun and smart. You don't want to act too immaturely, because people won't take you seriously, but you also don't want people to think you're a bore or stuck up. Most people naturally do this, which means being yourself will let you follow this step!
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    Get good grades, but don't brag. Listen to the teacher when they're explaining instructions or directions, or read all the directions on your worksheet. Follow them as well. Take time to do your work, and check it over. Make sure you get it done, and always finish your homework. Never, ever cheat.
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    Get into some sports or clubs, or start an instrument. Once you get good, you can even teach your friends. Practice sports and instruments- just joining won't let you get good. Attend all the meetings for clubs. If your school doesn't have the after school sport you want to do, check to see if your city has a league!
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    Host the sleepovers, play dates, and parties. At sleepovers, you can play games, make videos, eat popcorn, watch movies, do crafts, or play Truth or Dare. At a party, set out snacks and make sure everything is planned out, so you don't run out of activities and get bored in the middle of it.
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    Try student council. Be a representative, or run for an elected position. See if people elect you and see if you win. If you don't, don't be disappointed. Keep your head up high and have confidence in yourself. Be sure to make suggestions, and do everything you've been assigned. Listen to what your classmates want- after all, you're there to represent them!
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    Laugh at your mistakes. If you misspeak, mess up in sports, or do something else, just laugh and shrug it off! It's likely no one will remember it next week, anyway, and it's important to not take yourself too seriously.
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    Have a good personality. Always be kind and helpful. Try being funny and cracking jokes, if that's you. Be the smartest you can be (but don't make fun of people if they aren't as smart). Be creative and spontaneous. Be active. Just figure out who you are!
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    Keep good hygiene. Hygiene is very important, because nobody likes a bad-smelling person. Be sure to:
    • Wash yourself under the arms and on your feet in the shower, because those are the most smelly places.
    • Rub on some deodorant in the mornings (if you're old enough to need it).
    • Put on some good smelling lotion, or use something else that gives you a nice smell. (Remember- some people are allergic to fragrances. If that's you (or one of your friends) don't do this step. Being itchy and uncomfortable, or sneezing all the time, is not good for anyone.
    • Wash your face every morning and night.
    • Keep your nails neatly cut and clean.
    • Brush your teeth twice a day, and you should floss as well.
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    Have nice hairstyles. Be sure to wash your hair frequently so it doesn't look greasy. Brush your hair out in the morning, and style it. If you have long hair, you can put it in a ponytail, braid, or bun, wear a cute headband, or, for special occasions, curl or straighten it. You could also braid it after a shower at night, sleep, then take it out for beautiful waves. Short hair has fewer styling options, so do whatever you want with it!
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    Be stylish. Anything that fits you well, is comfortable, and is stylish. Find your own style, like country, sporty, or girly. Just try your own style, and be unique. If you like something, then buy it. Don't be afraid what other people say. Confidence is a great quality.

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