How to Be the Best Player on the Basketball Court

Want to learn how to be the best basketball player on the court? Just follow these simple steps.


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    Practice the basics of basketball a lot, like practice dribbling. Then once you get that down, you should start dribbling with two balls. Make sure you know how to shoot the ball. Start practicing following through or start waving good-bye to the ball.
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    Once you got the basics of basketball start practicing outside, get a basketball hoop and put it into your front or back yard. (If you do not already have one.) Or if you can't seem to get one try to go to the YMCA and start shooting at an open court.
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    Start playing with friends or neighbors that are your age and that enjoy playing basketball, and start playing in the neighborhood.
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    You have to be in good shape, so start running a lot and start eating healthy.
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    Start watching the NBA superstars (or college superstars, they are plenty of good superstars whether they are in the NBA, NCAA, or even in high school.)Start watching their own technique and the way they shoot, pass, defend, and how they read defenses.
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    Just start playing basketball a lot consistently, and you will get better every time.


  • If you want to be a guard, then you should be pretty quick, you need to handle the ball well, and you need to be a decent shooter.
  • Don't ever give up practice with people bigger than you, Run every day so you will get in shape.
  • If you are a point guard or shooting guard, watch John wall and Bradley Beal play. They both have amazing speed and aggressiveness. They may not be the biggest names in the NBA, but they have great fundamentals and are great idols for young, progressing players.
  • Strive to be like your favourite NBA player and don't give up until you get there.
  • Don't focus on stats, keep your eyes on the real prize, the win.
  • If you are tall,you should watch how Kevin Love plays, because he does everything right. He never gets into foul trouble, he always scores once he gets the ball, he rebounds better then anybody else, and he has the best outlet pass ever! If you don't know who Kevin Love is, he is a player for the Timberwolves in the NBA.
  • Start idolizing John Wooden. He is an amazing man who is still alive, (He is 97 right now,) he taught a lot of good lessons when he was a coach, for example, Be quick but do not hurry, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Also but most importantly, he is a freaking winner! He won 8 national championships!


  • Do not be cocky, even when you improve or even when you became what you wanted to be. You do not want people do think of you in a negative way.

Things You'll Need

  • A basketball.
  • A basketball ring, net and backboard.
  • Sport wear.
  • A good attitude.
  • Some neighbors, or friends to play with.

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