How to Be Successful and Make Your Dreams Come True

You can be successful and have your dreams come true. This is just a start. Have faith. Faith is key to durable success.


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    Figure out what you want to do. If you REALLY want to do it. Then, the questioning part begins: Am I really talented? This question is really important because you don't want to waste your energy on something where you're just not talented. Then ask the others about their opinion. However, you've got to be careful about this one, because there are many people who are just envious and won't tell you if you are good or not.
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    Now think about HOW you are going to achieve this. Do you have to study? Which university is best for it? For you? Which key qualifications do you need? Gather all the information you can.Make sure you know "why do you want to be successful?"write the answer in any paper, and stick it where ever you want, surely it will always keep you motivated.
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    Know what makes successful people successful? Their willpower, their confidence and their optimism. If someone tells you differently, he or she lies. A successful person will never give up as easily. An example needed? Walt Disney! At first, nobody liked his idea, but he did believe in himself and went to Hollywood. He continued improving and working on his idea. And it worked! There's also the boss of Red Bull who wasn't successful at first. But with his ambition and his willpower, he got everything he wanted. What you can learn from this? If you know-deep down there-that you WANT to do this and that you are talented, it doesn't matter what the others say. Keep on working, which brings me to the next point:
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    Work hard! Even if you have to work ten hours a day, do not get lazy. Everything in life has its prize. You have to be willing to pay it. The work really does pay off. Later, it makes you even prouder because you can say:"It didn't just come to me. I actually worked hard and see where it got me!"
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    Fight for your goals. Lack of money? Then DO something! There's always a solution, as long as you keep looking for it...There are many celebrities, musicians, writers, singers and actors who were poor at first. But they worked their way up. They didn't just isolate themselves from the others and be like:" If I should become an actor one day, it will come!" Yeah, it's true that sometimes destiny IS generous, but do not rely on that...If you have the problem that your parents say "no" to your dream, don't be mad at them. Try to talk with them sensibly. Mostly, parents just want the best for you, and if you say:"Mom, Dad, I want to be a musician!" it's logical that they're concerned. They fear that you will have a bad life, not enough money and stuff. But if you are well-informed and show them your plans, they'll see that you actually MEAN it and that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions. If they still say no, just do it. After all, you live just once. And you are not, I repeat, not, their painting book which they can fill in with their favourite colors!
    • If you did all this, it's a great way to move forwards towards your goals. However, a good education and some certificates won't hurt. For example, if you want to be a dancer and you break your leg and the doctor tells you: "Sorry, but you'll never be able to dance again!"...It's always good to have a back-up
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    Now go your way, be confident, ambitious hard-working, optimistic and you'll get everything you want. You want to grab the stars? Before you know it, you'll be one yourself if you are willing to give things up for your goals. Above all, remember, believing is achieving!


  • Try to think about the present and the future forget about the past.
  • Do lots of hard working for it.
  • Have nothing but success in your mind. Positive thoughts will attract positive results.


  • Always stick to your personality. If someone wants you change yourself completely, don't do it! Always be yourself, you're great, you don't need to hide yourself!

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