How to Be Social at School

Have you ever wanted to become more social? Well, did you know that popularity is based on how social you are? So if you're shy, and want to learn how to break that curse, you've come to the right place!


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    Be kind. You have heard it a billion times. But take this seriously! No one really likes the mean popular girls. They're just scared of such girls. You don't have to be mean to be popular. Being mean doesn’t solve anything. Make sure you are kind to everyone, that would work better! Also try to be social at the same time. It will make others happy, and it will make you happier.
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    Give information, but only to people you know well. Give out your phone number, e-mail, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you have and would like to give out! This way, people can chat with you and see how you act. However, try to only give your contact information to people you know, not random strangers. Giving out personal details to strangers is unsafe and dangerous.
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    Don't just force yourself into social situations. Become social as slowly as you want, but the process needs to be steady. You can say just 'hello!' to people you know and happen to see. After some days, you can start short talks with people. Only when you are sure you're confident enough, you can join a club; invite lots of friends over, etc. Forcing yourself into social situations won't help. Just keep this process gradual. Remember, you won't be from super shy to social butterfly all of a sudden. It takes time and effort.
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    Maintain your hygiene. Hygiene plays an important role in your social life. Proper hygiene is one of the keys to be healthier and happier. This helps you to make friends and keep them. It also builds your confidence and will make you more enjoyable to be around. By taking regular care of your body, you can feel great and be healthier without much time and effort. These simple habits and hygiene acts will keep you clean, fit, and healthy every day.
    • Eat a balanced diet
    • keep yourself clean,
    • brush your teeth,
    • shower daily and
    • dress up neatly.
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    Try to be confident. Confidence, too, plays an important role in your social life. If you are confident, you can be social. Being confident may seem a bit tricky; but actually, it is not. The good news is that, feeling good about yourself, is only up to you! Even if you get embarrassed, everyone will forget that embarrassment in a couple of days. Later on, you'll feel better that you showed up to talk to someone!
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    Do not judge others, nor let them judge. Judging others, especially judgements like giving bad judgement to one friend and good to another; is WRONG. It will cause a lot of trouble, which will drift you back to your previous situation, shyness. But, if anyone insists you to judge a person or number of people, don't judge them. Rather say they all are equally good. Do not judge even mischievous people. If you are asked to judge him/her, just say, "Well, I don't like his/her behaviour." Remember that if you say this, you are judging the behaviour and not the person. This is exactly what you have to do.
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    Seek social support, but don't trust anyone completely. People may gossip about the shy you. If you socialise, their gossiping may decrease. Don't trust any one completely. Avoid telling personal issues, if you don't want to look insecure. There may be a few episodes in the past when you trusted someone completely, and later on, everyone and even the person you had trusted made fun of you. This may be a reason why you're shy. Think about it. Also, when someone trusts you, keep them secure and do not make fun of them, ever. Encourage them to be social slowly but steadily, if they are shy just like you were.
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    Talk according to the correct order.
    • Speak least to strangers/bullies.
    • Speak a little more to people that belong to your class.
    • Speak more to people who are in your class, whom you know well.
    • Speak the most with your best friend.
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    Be brave to be social. A good friend probably won't ask the reason why you became social, but, if he/she does, just say, "I was just bored." or "How about having some friends?" or "So you think I'll remain the same forever, huh?" But, if a bully asks you the same question then say firmly, "Mind your own business!"
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    Do your best. It will take time and patience. Don't force yourself into social situations. Increase the level of socialising with increasing confidence. Till then, short talks would be a good start. All the best!


  • People are quite social these days. Who knows, sometimes, you'll say just 'hi' and they'll do the rest of talking for you!
  • While talking about something, say whatever comes to your mind about the same thing.
  • You won't die if someone says something bad about you. Just ignore it and everything will be fine in a couple of days.
  • Keep the process of being social slow but steady.
  • It is normal to be nervous in the beginning.
  • It is normal to talk about simple things or topics in the beginning.
  • Don't be afraid. Go ahead. Everything will be totally fine later on, just the way you want things to be.


  • Don't invade people's personal space! If they don't want to hang out, don't force it on them.
  • Don't ever care about what other people say about you. Who needs them anyway?
  • Don't force yourself into social situations unless you need to.

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  • People you know
  • Kindness
  • Hygiene
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Time

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