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If you are feeling stuck in a rut, you've got the blues or life just needs a dash of hilarity added to spice it up, then there is nothing better than to be silly. Remember "silly"? Yeah, that crazy, zany, happy feeling you had as a kid when you did whatever you felt like and didn't worry what anyone else thought and just did fun stuff. It's time to regain your sense of silly! Hint: all of this is best done with at least one friend and is best with several!


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    Wear bright makeup. Obviously (or not) this step relates mostly to girls who want to be sillies. Sure, bright makeup can look garish but done just right, it is perfect for an evening event spent pursuing the sillies. Get out the glittery stuff, the sparkly hair gel and the brightest lipstick you can lay your hands on. Should it match? Well, probably but you're aiming for silly, not perfection!
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    Back brush your hair till it's really knotty and frizzy. It'll look like the new nesting call for the local bird life but it will be a zany do that can propel you out into the street accompanied by a daft grin and a crazy walk.
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    Wear really bright or highly patterned clothing. It should be eclectic, mismatched and comfortable. Girls, try stripy tights. Guys get enormously tacky ties.
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    Act like a total clown. This is the fun part. Check out funny jokes and sayings online and memorize them. Let them out and surprise people. Always be friendly, cheerful and funny though; don't be rude or tactless.
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    Do dares if dared. Obviously, this necessitates group silly. Being silly alone is never as much fun as being silly with friends. Some fun dares include:
    • Daring each other to walk with a tomato balanced on your head in the snow
    • Daring each other to use a microphone in a crowded place and announce an engagement, birthday, divorce or even karaoke;
    • Make balloon animals and give them away for free to children
    • Do impromptu street performance
    • Fill up parking meters that are running low on time
    • Greet strangers with a big smile and something uplifting to say
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    Use food to bring on some more silliness!
    • Eat messy! Go and order the messiest food you can find. Dig in and laugh at each other making a mess. Spill your drink everywhere for added effect. Make sure you pay for it and offer to help clean up if you make total fools of yourselves.
    • And if this isn't your thing, eat sweet! Pig out on all those childhood favorites you haven't dared touch for ages - Smarties, candy rolls, chocolate coins etc.
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    Trip over your trousers or skirt and make a big deal out of it. Again, this is the clowning around effect. Do it in front of an audience, such as the bored queue at the bus-stop or in a mall. Don't scream or screech - keep it really funny and call yourself funny names and promise yourself never to trip again, only to get up and trip over again. Watch laugh gags on YouTube or other similar online video sites, to get the idea of slapstick humor first.
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    Laugh a lot together. Rent DVDs of comedies or look for funnies online. Tell each other crazy, hilarious stories. Play games that result in silly outcomes, like Chinese whispers or incremental storytelling where each person adds the next line to a story.


  • Being silly is best for sleepovers, parties, friend gatherings, rainy day blues, mid-life crises - you name it.
  • Also, laugh at everything (within reason)
  • Note: this article might be more appropriately titled "how to look silly" or "How to dress silly"
  • being silly is more of a behavior or perhaps a state of mind. The only way to be silly is to do things that people "just don't do" in a certain situation; it's an inherent social risk (almost by definition).
  • Try to laugh in a funny way and speak to make everyone laugh.
  • Try a wig if you don't fancy knotty hair. Something crazy and obviously not real, like a rainbow frizz or wired plaits that stick out sideways.
  • Wear a big old hat.
  • Be Random, that's always silly
  • If your with your friends you and you see a horse you can say "That's such a great cow"! Your friends might think you are trying to make them laugh so if they don't laugh say "Is that a horse"?


  • If you are easily embarrassed or you have an important rep to protect, it's probably not a good idea to act silly in public and make a fool of yourself, people will stare and you will be totally humiliated.
  • Steer clear of people with grumpy reactions - they won't get it and they will probably be easily offended, which will upset them and probably spoil your fun of being silly. Choose your location and your people wisely. Festive seasons are especially dicey in the lead up to the event, when everyone's nerves are frazzled, but a little lightheartedness done the right way can alleviate the this; just be careful how you go about it.
  • Mind where you go silly; the workplace, school and church are probably not the best choices unless they're having a "be silly" event.

Things You'll Need

  • Zany clothing
  • Funny shoes
  • Bright and glittery makeup
  • Pre-learned jokes and gags
  • Enhanced sense of humor that reaches beyond your normal laughing capacity
  • Note: You only really need at least one of the following:
  • Ignorance of expected ("normal") patterns of behavior
  • Willingness to risk being embarrassed or misunderstood without having a really good reason (other than maybe "for fun").

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