How to Be Seen As the Hot Cool Girl in School

So you want to be that girl in school - the hot, cool girl everyone's talking about? If you want to turn heads, you'll need a stylish wardrobe, enviable hair, and a confident personality. Being funny and kind can also help. Once you become the hot, cool girl, remember to use your influence for the good!


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    First things first, no one is going to find you attractive if you look dirty. In order to be attractive, you MUST be clean. Shower every day and wash your hair at least three times a week. Also, brush your teeth often to keep your breath fresh and your smile white.
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    Make sure your hair always looks nice. Keep it tangle-free and clean. Straighteners and curlers can be harsh and damaging, so use a heat protecting spray and only use heat around twice a week.
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    Take care of any unwanted hair. If you are over the age of twelve, shave your legs every two days and pluck your eyebrows into a feminine arch. You may even want to wax your bikini line if you are planning to go swimming, but remember, this is not absolutely necessary.
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    Have pretty skin. Drink a lot of water and eat healthy food, because then it makes you healthy and prettier looking. Also, use acne cream for pimples and wash your face well with a good soap. Use cleanser often. Use lotion to keep from looking dried out.
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    If you are going to wear makeup, always remember to remove it at the end of each day, and remember: less is more. All you really need is concealer, mascara, thin eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow, blush or bronzer, and a lip product.
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    Get dressed up. No matter where you are going, for school or whatever, DON'T DRESS DOWN! Read fashion magazine and buy more fashionable clothes, and it doesn't mean expensive... you can wear jeans, but make sure you still look fabulous!
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    Wear some jewelry. Don't overdo, but it's always nice that you wear pretty earrings or bracelets. If you wanna look classic, wear pearl earrings...if you want something more diva-like, wear hoop earrings.
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    Act confident. This is a 'must'. If you started to look good, the best way to make people drawn for you and your looks, is to show confidence...even if you don't feel confident, fake it until you feel confident enough...that means good posture, head high, looking at people in the eyes and walking like you own the place, with a little bit of a sexy sway in the hips! Then people will see you as confident and will be interested in approaching you.
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    Always have something to say. Don't go with silly conversations like "what class you'll have?" or "what do you like doing?"... that's just the usual boring get-to-know-you chit chat that feels awkward... just start to introduce yourself, and tell funny stories about yourself, and talk naturally, so people will see you as a nice person to talk to. Just that.


  • Don't overdo it! Simply wear eyeliner and a lip product, especially if you're under the age of sixteen.
  • Don't over dress either like wearing dresses and heals etc. Wear nice casual meaning like skinny jeans and a cute shirt.


  • Don't act overconfident. People tend to see this as annoying after a while, which will show up negatively in your popularity.
  • Don't date just 'any' guy just because you think he is cute. You have to see he is a nice person before accepting to date with, talk to him first, and see if he is nice. Once in a while, play hard to get...
  • Don't date for popularity. Using a guy is, at best, shameful.

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