How to Be Scene when You're on a Budget

Do you want to be scene, but don't have a lot of money? Read this!


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    Get the right haircut. It would actually be better if you cut it yourself, since not many hair salons know how to do scene hairstyles. Make it layered with side bangs. Many professionals don't get that you want it to be choppy and not tapered around the face. If you would like, you could use a razor to get the choppy look. If you really want/must go to a salon, Bring a picture of the hairstyle you think would fit you best from a magazine that you think is "scene" enough. Better yet, print out a picture from online of a scene kid, And show them that.
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    Clothing. Wear clothes you already have that just might fit into 'scene': shirts with cartoon characters on them, stripes or polka dots, skinny jeans (if you don't have any try putting normal jeans into the dryer a couple of times when they aren't wet), and colorful accessories. Bangles and beaded necklaces are great! You can find lots of stuff like that at the dollar store. If you really don't have anything that you would consider scene, shop at secondhand stores where things aren't too expensive.
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    Makeup. Just wear anything you can find that doesn't come off too easily. Mascara and eyeliner work great, and if you don't have them, colorful eyeshadow will work too! Also you can use black eyeshadow as eyeliner like the girl in the picture did.
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    Music. Listen to punk rock, alternative rock, etc. Don't listen to too much hip-hop, and try staying away from country music. Do not go on music sharing sites! Your computer may catch a virus and if it catches one you then you may face huge problems. Popular bands include: Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Never Shout Never, As I lay dying, Escape the Fate, Chiodos, Aiden, Paramore, etc... anyone that might be playing at Warped Tour.
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    Little things make a big difference. Dig up your childhood things. Wear old crazy sunglasses, paint your nails black or neon green, hot pink, or other bright colors like yellow. But with your kiddie careful, because there is a fine line between tacky and Scene Crazy (which is what you want).
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    Invest in a pair of glasses. For $10 you can get a decent pair of clear lens glasses (for that cool nerd look) or a good pair of stunners. Or, find some big sunglasses and punch out the lenses! Works perfectly!
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    Remember that being scene is one part music, one part style. As long as you have the music part down; you're already halfway there!
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    Shop at secondhand stores. Scene kids love to mix it up and add their own touch to clothes. So check them out! there is a lot of unique stuff to find.
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    Look for sales. Lots of stores have short sales that you can keep your eyes peeled for.
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    Invest. If there is a killer pair of skinny jeans that you just can't live without, splurge on that then hold back for a while on the spending.
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    Recognize when certain things are overpriced. Are the skinny jeans you're holding in your hand $32? Is that cute shirt you're eying $20? Is that brass knuckles necklace $12? Well, when you're on a budget, it's more than you should pay for one piece of clothing or an accessory, so put them back. Some stores WILL charge that much for a pair of jeans or a shirt. So, while this may sound crazy, it will make much more sense when you see a pair of jeans at the mall for $15+, but find the same brand at Goodwill for only about $4-5.
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    Be confident! Confidence is the one scene trait that is free. So go out there and don't let anyone judge you. Also, if you can laugh at yourself and poke fun at the stereotypes, it'll help to boost your self-confidence. (e.g. Go to a show and be all, "Have you guys seen my friend? He's in a 3OH!3 shirt, dark skinny jeans, has snake bites and a pierced septum, and has anime hair that would put Yu-Gi-Oh to shame. Have you seen him?")
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    If someone labels you as Scene/Emo, don't get all up in arms about it. People label each other as a nice shorthand description (NOT to judge you or put you into a box), and it happens all the time, so get used to it. This goes double if you are making yourself over so as to get the look. Besides, it doesn't make much sense to dress Scene and listen to the music but deny that you are Scene. Basically, if you can admit to being Scene without going around and saying you are just to get attention, you won't be a poseur. Remember--there IS a difference between labeling and judging.


  • Don't do everything at the same time or you will really look like a poser - just gradually become scene. A month, or summer/winter/spring break is a good amount of time.
  • For a ripped look, DO NOT cut random holes in things, as it will look weird. Instead, take a razor blade/razor (if you can find one) and scrape it along the area(s) that you want to rip.
  • Eyeliner is a must, but don't worry about getting those pricey brands. Supermarkets like Fred Meyers sells some good stuff, as does Walgreen's. Hot Topic may be seen as 'Poser,' but they sell pencil liner for $3. Also, check out MAC Black Track eyeliner--it's great.
  • Don't pass up yard sales if you see any! Also, sometimes people will leave boxes of free stuff on sidewalks. Check them out if you find them.
  • Be confident!
  • If you can't find anything scene that you already own, ask a friend if she has any clothes, etc. that are too big/small for her [that will fit you].
  • Use scene lingo such as: Lyke, Rad, Stellar, The sex, etc...
  • Making your own accessories is great, and DIY is much more appreciated. JoAnn's and Michael's are great places to go to for beads and string. (Make sure not to get the plastic-y cord, though, because it's more difficult to tie a knot when you're done.) Dollar Tree is good for things such as glow sticks, and even bubble blowers that can be worn around the neck. Simply remove/discard the cord that comes with it and make the bubble blower itself into a necklace. Also, check out Sanrio/Hello Kitty stores in the mall for their plush key-chains.
  • Check the discount stores, they usually have tons of stuff for real cheap. Good stores to shop at are Goodwill, Ross, Buffalo Exchange and Dollar Tree. You may have to do a little looking around at Goodwill, but it's definitely worth it when you find cute jeans for only four dollars!


  • If someone says negative things about Scene kids or puts you down for being one, don't say "they're just jealous". People CAN dislike the Scene trend and those associated with it without being jealous. Saying they're jealous without being sarcastic/joking about it can make you sound like you are delusional and/or conceited. Scene kids have a reputation for this so try not to perpetuate this stereotype. Also, don't say "haters make you famous". Remember, haters made Hitler famous, too.
  • People will call you a loser, but don't let them get to you. Scene kids have a reputation for being poseurs and fake people. If this is not who you are, then try your best to calmly explain it. Just like your detractors have the right to wear what they want and listen to what they like, so do you.
  • Don't smoke cigarettes. It will age you, it will make you smell like smoke, it stays in your clothing, and will wreck your body. Stomas, cancer, and emphysema aren't cool.
  • Don't waste all your money just on clothes.
  • If you do decide to experiment with drugs, know when to say when. It's those who DON'T know when to say when who are the ones that begin to develop a habit. Part of knowing when to say when is learning to recognize when you are a lightweight, and when you are developing a tolerance. (Tolerance is when you need more and more to reach the desired high. If this is the case, lay off for a while.) Also, NEVER go to school or work high, and NEVER do synthetic drugs and LSD. Finally, ALCOHOL IS A DRUG, and YOU CANNOT OVERDOSE ON MARIJUANA. It IS possible to partake in recreational drugs like Marijuana without ruining your life over it. Don't do it on a regular basis and you will be fine.
  • Never buy clothes that are already ripped (except for ones found at secondhand stores), because pre-ripped clothing look cheap and lazy and will make you look like a poseur. Also, Never EVER go overboard with ripping! EVER! It will look cheap and trashy.
  • Don't overdo the scene lingo! d0nnt 1yk3 typ3 lyk3 d3s! Or ThIs BeCaUsE it Is very PoSeR aNd YoUr fellow ScEnE kids hAtE iT! And dnt typee like dis, k? It makes you come across as illiterate/generally unintelligent. It's also a pain for others to read and is just as annoying as alternating between caps and non-caps.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors [for hair]
  • Some scene-ish clothes that you already own (skinny jeans band tees etc.)
  • A little money (around 50 to 200 dollars)
  • A friend
  • Nail polish (neon Colors)
  • Hair extensions (neon colors)

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