How to Be Safe on MySpace As a Teen

So many articles about how to be safe on MySpace, but what is safe to put on MySpace? This article is mainly for teens, since adults can mainly put anything on Myspace.


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    Log On to MySpace as usual.
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    Go to your profile.
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    Make sure you don't have these things listed:
    • Your last name. Just sign up with a fake one like 'blah blah' or use the last name of a favorite celebrity or fictional character. Use your middle name or mom's maiden name instead or keep it blank. (actually this isn't true, in order for people to search and find you on MySpace your last name has to be what it really is. But don't worry, this information is private and the only way it is used or seen is when friends search for you.) If your last name is very common, like Anderson, you don't have to worry about that. A list of common surnames can be found here.
    • Your full school name. If you go to a school called 'Riverside Clementine Junior High' don't put that on. Just put "None of your Business" or use the name of a fictional school, like Hogwarts or Pok√©mon Trainer School. Don't add your schools to your profile if you are under 18.
    • Your address, street name, city, phone/cell number, etc. These things are almost an instant key for pedophiles to find you. Just put something dumb, like "123 Sesame Street." MySpace does not give out addresses or phones by default, but watch these surveys.
    • Your full birth date. If you also post your location, someone can use it to guess your social security number (identification) and steal your identity. If you must, only put the month and day or just your age (without the birth date).
    • Where you go after school, on weekends, etc. If you go to practice at the soccer field outside of your school, just put "Soccer Practice". If you are going to a basketball game, just say "basketball game" on your status instead of your home team name, unless it is something common like Wildcats or Tigers.
    • What you 'like' in someone. Don't put 'I love rocker dudes who have pink hair and wear eyeliner and drink coffee.' Pedophiles usually come as the 'perfect match', which makes you trust them so quickly. Put more celebrity names or just say "my friends from school or work or nice people"
    • Any pictures with license plates, addresses, store names (not Starbucks or Walmart or McDonalds, just local shops people can easily search up and find the one address), school names, or anything that leads a pedophile to you. Only post the name of a store or shop if you know it is a chain all over the United States or the world or blur the names out.
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    Delete anything with the said above factors.
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    Delete any friends on your friends list who either a: you don't know, but they seemed nice, or b: they claim to live in your area, but they don't have any pictures and aren't friends with anyone you know. There is a good chance they aren't really friends.
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    Make your MySpace private except for people listed on your friends list, and never add anyone you do not know in real life. And there is a part on it where you can make your MySpace private from people you don't have as a friend. Only add celebrities and well known trusted people that you are not your friends. Do not add porn stars because you'll be filled with spam.


  • Don't post revealing photos. You in a cute tank and skirt is ok. You over a bed in a thong is not. This is not a semi-porn site and it can scare people away from your profile.
  • Don't cuss all over your page. If someone's parents see it, they will tell your parents, especially if they are very religious or conservative.
  • Don't think your parents won't know if you have a MySpace, because most likely they are watching you right now.


  • Pedophiles are mainly looking for pre-teen girls. If you are older than 16 and a guy, you are pretty safe. Pedophiles demographically are mainly males in their early 40s that are divorced, drunk, and have a criminal record and are on the lower social class (under $30,000 a year). Anyone, bisexual, straight, or gay may not be safe, so don't assume that just because a person's gay that they are a rapist. That's homophobic!
  • Be careful. Not everyone will like what you post, but they will still read it. Only post things that you don't mind the whole world seeing.
  • Don't be afraid to report a stalker. The MySpace team will take care of it.

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