How to Be Ready for the Upcoming Costume Play

Costume play, which is also called cosplay for short, is held more frequently than Halloween or Christmas events. It takes place all the year round. As a unique performance art, it’s loved by modern people. People of any profession and age join in this interesting social entertainment show on weekends or short holidays.

Just as its name implies, people select their favorite roles to imitate on a costume play. They make appointed looks and experience those circumstances in a certain virtual Japanese anime or online video game. Thus, how can you be ready for an approaching anime reality show? Below are some tips.


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    Immerse you in a Japanese anime culture first.Pay a visit to a website specialized in Japanese anime or some fairy tales before hand. This will help you recognize some background or culture for those hot stories. Or download some anime videos. With them, you will clearly know all styles and make a good decision on which role attracts you most. It’s true you will make you in a better condition for the funny adventure on the coming cosplay after knowing most details.
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    Discover a detailed drawing for your favorite character.While selecting a role to cosplay, you are strongly suggested to consider his or her style, figure and costume. Certainly, all aspects should not go against with your religious belief. So always take this into your mind. Once the role to be imitated is chosen, find some detail pictures for his/her suit. You can print those pictures if planning to buy your costume in a local store. Take the pictures along with you while shopping please.
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    Select the cosplay occasion.Surely, you can skip this step if you have been invited by a friend and prepare for the specified cosplay event. After choosing the cosplay event, go and check with the activity organizer for some costume do’s and don’ts. Avoid wasting time on making some disallowed accessories or weapons; do remember to check with the coordinator.
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    Purchase or make your costume and wig.Today, many online suppliers offer you classy and comfortable cosplay costumes and cosplay wigs. Shop there; you may save more. They can also customize the costume for you, without any additional cost. Just send them your order and some special requirements if you have. But if you feel hard to discover a reliable website, go to a local store directly. If you plan to make your costume by yourself or a local tailor, purchase all materials first. This will be a little time-consuming as lots of things need to be bought, like fabric, hair dye or wig, face paint, weapon, footwear and all small accessories. After all materials are found, sew your costume then. Apply extra ornaments on your costume. Attention please. During DIY, always make sure the costume is easy to be put on and taken off. Glue and loose stitching are not permitted. Usually, you will be suggested to make the weapon by yourself but purchase a pre-made costume and wig directly.
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    Wear your costume for the cosplay event.With costume completed and knowing cosplay culture, you will be in a good status for the play.Enjoy the fantastic journey there!


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