How to Be Proud, Not Cocky and Conceited

Pride is a mile different from cockiness or conceit. Feeling pride in yourself does a positive turn on your health, because it can boost your self-image and make you happier. But how to draw a line between those two?


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    Define "proud" and "conceited." Does strutting around the school/office count for cockiness? Or is it just your usual way of walking? Make sure you draw a very clear line what "proud" is.
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    Dress appropriately well. Don't go out in your slippers and pajamas to the mall, and don't be anything that you are not. Dress and clothes play a huge part in the way others look at you, and ultimately the way you see yourself. If you are impressed by your own appearance, you can be confident or even "proud"' when you walk down the sidewalk.
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    Chat like a normal person, don't constantly blow your own horn. Being confident and assured doesn't mean you can't talk to other people, or that you start treating your friends like underlings! And they don't want to hear all your stories about the "wonderfulness of you." Being humble does not mean acting ashamed, it means realizing that you're not better than anybody else - just as they are not better than you. Treat others as you want them to treat you. Try complimenting them for once. Don't think they are "lower"' and you are "better" once you get that ego-boost.
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    Hold your head up and walk tall. Walk like you're a model. But don't overdo it. How annoying it is, for a woman to parade down the streets in their heels, blocking everybody else? Just walk with your back straight, a dazzling smile on your face, and move with purpose, like you are going someplace important. This creates the impression that you're "booked" and you're in a hurry for your next appointment (whether this is true or not, it's worth a try!), and also that you "glide" effortlessly through your journey.
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    Help others. A caring heart and a helping hand go far toward helping you do something to impress yourself, and that will do more to boost your self-image than anything. Being proud of yourself is difficult if you have done nothing you are proud of! Physical appearance is important, but what's inside is even more significant. You will never stand taller than when stooping to help someone else - be compassionate and volunteer to help others.
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    Enjoy yourself, not the work that you have done. One can continue to enjoy one's own value and give thanks for being who he/she is. That is not the same as being happy for one's own accomplishment.
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    Be proud of who you are, not what you are. Don't define yourself by a single brand or stereotype. Be proud of your individuality to others. However, don't overdo it and go all hipster.
    • Also, be proud of what you have done, and all the positive things you have created and don't just "feel good", but "feel good about who you are". ie. Don't just feel good just because your favourite TV show is on, feel good that you have completed all your actions that enabled you to reward yourself by doing something you enjoy (watching your favourite TV show).


  • Keep a kind heart and a generous smile. People should see the difference between being conceited and cocky versus being proud.
  • Being a little humble is always better than being way too conceited.
  • Money and looks don't totally make up a person. Pocket change is better than no change at all. Be grateful for all the good things you have - you can work and earn more money, but you can't replace the good friends, loving family, and wonderful opportunities life will bring to you.
  • You can feel just as proud of having a dependable older car as someone else feels about their shiny new one - and you can look forward to having a nice shiny new car later on.
  • Talk like a normal person, be proud of what you are and you should get the attitude of having a self esteem.
  • Try not to feel superior. Be content with who you are, versus how you think you compare to others.


  • Confidence is attractive. Arrogance is obnoxious. There's a fine line between the two - make sure you don't erase it

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