How to Be Prepared for Asset Protection

Whilst You as Bodyguard or PSD Team member provide the tightest layer of protection for Your Principal, physical security is designed to provide extensive mutually supporting and overlapping layers of protection beyond that, and to prevent gaps in performance and responsibility. It serves to, and focuses on protection against well defined threats for assets and personnel.


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    Know why you need asset protection. It goes back in time for as long as there have been objectives that needs to be protected against elements such as unsophisticated to more sophisticated or organized criminal acts, theft and pilferage, sabotage and vandalism, espionage and violence. From the early Stone Age, with for us simple means, meeting the need to face threat, until today’s advanced and specified high technology security systems, they have always served the same purpose – to protect assets and personnel that for us have a high monetary, strategic or symbolic value.
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    Choose the appropriate system designs. The system designs vary greatly in both performance and cost, depending on the assets value and its vulnerability versus the probability of an attack. A rule of thumb is that you do not spend more money on the security system in place then what the asset it protects is worth, hence, it would probably be both easier and less costly to replace the asset if it was abused. Some assets though, classified information for taking one example, often require very high and costly protection due to its sensitivity, still there will always be limits. The only exception to this rule, is when protecting Human Life.
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    Understand how the system works. The system takes form from the availability to gain correct and reliable intelligence and counterintelligence to estimate and evaluate the objects vulnerability and existing threats directed at it. Thorough surveys of each individual site is needed and the questions If, What, How, Who, When and Why needs to be asked in both present, past and future tense. While some sites have standard, fixed and regulatory minimum levels of protection at all times, depending on the area and environment it is placed in – others are of course designed to meet the specific threats that have shown to have a high probability.
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    Use the design for your needs. The design for an effective protective system, however, shall address at least these elements:
    • Physical protective measures; such as natural or manmade barriers, proper illumination, stand-off distance, electronic security systems etc.
    • Procedural security measures; standing operational procedures for each and everyone it applies to before an incident occur and for those employed to response to an incident.
    • Terrorism counteraction measures; for protection of assets and personnel against terrorist attacks.
    • These shall seek to deter, detect, defend and defeat a possible or known threat or aggressor. When a physical security system is implemented in your Principals home or other residence, workplace, ways of transportation and so forth, make sure you and your Principal, his or her family members and employees or additional security personnel are well briefed on how the system works. It shall start to work as an early warning signal and assist you – not fall out or interfere with you being able to take actions when a threat is approaching.
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    If manned or mobile guarding is present, they shall seek to alternate their routines in the same way as you seek to alternate routes and time when protecting your Principal. Avoidance of obvious scheduled patterns and behavior of the guard force is essential. Make sure they are well trained and updated on any equipment in use, are alert and have good communicative skills, if for nothing else, then for preventing unnecessary and embarrassing confrontation with authorized people that may want or need to visit your Principal. Make sure that house employees and maintenance personnel are properly screened and checked on background to minimize gaps from inside. Safe mail and package delivery/handling needs to be established. Many threats and incidents that have first been received this way and overlooked, could have been spotted and stopped before they escalated and sometimes ended with the worst possible consequences.
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    You may have to consider that Your Principals and his or her family’s usual whereabouts simply cannot meet the acceptable levels of protection available , and a different safe haven might be the best solution. Do not however use a place that have been exposed to a known threat before – even if it happened a long time ago and concerned a different person. Despite the fact that the threat may not have been directed at the, Your Principals identity or his or her family members identity could be mistaken for someone else, who the threat was originally meant for.
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    To provide protection for a designated person or asset does not only mean You are to be physically in the way of a possible or approaching threat, it also means you value and respect your Principal and Principals family members identity, integrity, private life and belongings. Being able to keep a low profile and maintain a respectful and professional attitude is of greatest importance. It does not matter if You are the Bodyguard, part of the advance-party or with the installation-engineer team. To obey, respect and value OPSEC and PERSEC is a demand for all involved – at all times.

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