How to Be Prepared for a Big Test

Are you not the type for studying or research? Well this way is easy and fun! Also, it's a great way for an A+ on that huge test!


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    Don't try to cram all of the important facts in your brain the night before the test. Use around half an hour every or every other day to study, especially if you are going to take multiple tests.
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    Turn off the TV or Facebook. Who asked your best friend out won't help you on your test, so spend your time studying, not texting.
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    Try to make studying fun. Studying is so boring, drop the books and find a fun website for studying. If you can't at least crank up some tunes, don't make this music distracting though! Try listening to French or instrumental music to help you focus and have fun. Another great thing to listen to while studying is rain storm and thunder sounds. It is actually really very calming and helps you think.
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    Study for least an hour or two. You have the rest of your life, so two hours aren't anything compared to that. Find a quiet place to study. Don't study in front of the TV or near where your sibling is practicing her flute etc.
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    Take notes! Write down some things that seem important but DON'T use these during the test: it's cheating. Only write the important information, like dates, names, formulae, or things you might easily forget. Extra details distract your brain.
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    Every 20 minutes take a small rest. Try not to watch TV or check your e-mail because it will distract your brain and get you sidetracked.
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    It's a good idea to take a shower to give your brain a rest and so you smell fine.
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    Go to bed an hour to half an hour earlier the night before the test.
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    Wake up a little early or splash some water in your face. Eat a protein filled breakfast, like eggs, especially if you have ADHD or ADD.


  • Go to bed early and relax.
  • If you want to listen to music you can, but restrict yourself to calm music; loud rock can be distracting.
  • Make a bet with a friend to make the test more fun! Don't make a bet like who could get the worst grade or bet for money. A clean nice bet like who will get an A or not!


  • Procrastination is your worst enemy. Don't let yourself procrastinate for the test, especially if it's for a class you're struggling in.

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