How to Be Popular Without Being Rude

Three Parts:Developing Your StyleImplementing Good GroomingBeing Popular During Your Social Life

Some people mistake popularity as an excuse to be a rude snob. However, authentic popularity isn't about being distant, unkind and rude. If you desire to be popular without coming off as rude or snobby, this article will give you all the steps you need to achieve that fantastic goal!

Part 1
Developing Your Style

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    Take a look at what clothing styles the popular kids have in your school, and mentally compare their style to yours. Depending on what type of school you go to, and where your school is located, there are going to be different styles that stay popular with your school, and other styles that don't show up as much. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • What is different about their style and mine?
    • How can I change mine subtly so that I don't come off as a copycat or a poser?
    • Am I wearing a style that might not be labeled as "popular"?
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    Choose a style that flatters your figure well, complements your body, and pleases you. However, while making sure it is slightly similar to the type of style that is accepted as popular, be sure that it doesn't look so similar that people are going to accuse you of copying the popular girl!
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    Stay updated in the fashion zone. Popular people are always stylish, and they often stick with the clothing that is in style. If you want, you can choose a completely different style that looks amazing, and it'll make you stand out from them. However, be very careful about which style you choose - don't stand out too much (ex: If dark blue jeans are considered hot in style right now at your school, try sporting a pair of black jeans to make you stand out slightly from all those dark blue jeans! However, neon red or pink would not be very acceptable).
    • It's recommended that you purchase fashion magazines to read and update yourself on the current styles. You can buy clothing similar to the models you see while making sure the clothing suits you well, and is slightly different.
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    Use accessories. Accessories are another important part of your style. Pick out cute necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, etc. while bewaring of over-accessorizing. Try not to purchase any accessories similar to what the popular girls wear in your school, but amazing accessories that will make those girls green with envy!
    • Before you leave the house, always follow the rule for all girls: look in the mirror, and remove one accessory before leaving.
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    Change your style gradually. Do this by adding one clothing piece at a time. While you may be tempted to stride into the school with a burst of new style and color, it would be best for people not to suspect your goal to becoming popular. Subtly morph from your old style to your new one over the following weeks, making sure it isn't too obvious.
    • For example: Wear your new top one week. Then wear another the next week, and so on. Slowly begin to add new pants, and slowly continue on with everything else till you are fully dressed and striding about in your new style!
    • Make sure your style would be acceptable in your school, and that you are completely following dress code if your school has one.

Part 2
Implementing Good Grooming

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    Focus on your grooming. Every popular girl has good hygiene from the top of their head to the tips of their toes, starting with a daily shower! You should shower every single day, even if you don't wash your hair. Use the following every day when you take your shower:
    • Use a good smelling, strong soap that will completely cleanse your entire body. Make sure it suits your skin type, and that it won't harm you. Refrain from any soaps that use chemicals in it - stick with natural, for natural is the best for your skin in the long run!
      • If you can't find a scented soap with natural ingredients that suit your body, purchase an unscented soap, and use body lotion to replace the missing fragrance.
    • Bathe in lukewarm water. Hot water completely strips your skin of all its moisture, for the skin tends to flush in order to get rid of the heat, resulting in possible broken capillaries.
    • Limit your shower time to under six minutes, as spending too much time soaking in the water will cause your skin to become dry and possibly form rashes.
    • Exactly fifteen minutes after you take your shower, moisturize your entire body, including the face! This will lock in the moisture in your skin, giving it an extra boost of health and shine. However, be careful not to use too much moisturizer, and be sure it suits your skin type before using.
      • If your moisturizer is too hard on your face, it can cause pimples to pop up. If this appears to be the case, immediately switch to another moisturizer as soon as possible.
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    Washing your hair every single day will wear it out faster, and make it thin and oily! How often you wash your hair will highly depend on your hair type:
    • Thick hair - Wash it at least three times a week, for it will get dirty less easily.
    • Thin hair - Wash it two to three times a week, depending on how easily dirty it gets. Consider experimenting with different shampoos and conditioners to give it more volume if desired.
    • Oily hair - Wash it every other day. Consider changing your shampoo and/or conditioner to help remove the extra oil and residue.
    • Dry hair - Wash it three to four times a week, and consider using a different shampoo and/or conditioner to help add moisture.
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    Beware of using too much shampoo and/or conditioner. The amount of shampoo you should be using is the size of a quarter. For conditioner, it should be the size of a dime. When applying the shampoo to your hair, first lather it in between your palms, then massage it into your scalp, gradually distributing it throughout the rest of your hair. The same goes for conditioner.
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    Your complexion is another important part of maintaining your hygiene. You should wash your face twice a day - morning and night. Use the following tips to ensure you have a flawless (or nearly flawless) complexion:
    • Have a good cleanser. Making sure that the cleanser fits your skin type and isn't too strong on your face is very important, as the cleanser is supposed to help remove the oil and residue that are clogging your pores. It's also supposed to help fight the pimples forming on your face!
      • When applying the cleanser, make sure you use just enough for your whole face - not more or less. Gently rub it into your skin, and make sure it's well absorbed before fully rinsing it off with lukewarm water.
      • If you have a bad cleanser that doesn't help your face at all, immediately stop using it, and search for a better one. You aren't helping your face when you use the wrong cleanser.
    • While the cleanser opens up the pores, the toner is meant to tighten them and balance your skin tone. Making sure the toner isn't too harsh on your face is important as well.
      • Using a cotton ball, gently apply the toner to your face, using just enough. Beware of using too little or too much.
    • Moisturizer, as mentioned earlier, is another key ingredient to the perfect complexion. Gently rubbing in a circular motion, apply just enough to your skin to moisturize it. Make sure not too use too much, or you may find pimples popping up! Be sure to moisturize daily, and whenever your skin feels dry as well.
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    Although makeup is not necessary, it does help attract people's attention to your pretty face. Keep in mind that makeup is supposed to add glow to your face, not color. If you find that makeup doesn't entirely suit your face, try different methods to make sure that the glow comes out, not the color!
    • Foundation, concealer, mascara, lip gloss, eye shadow, and blush are basically what you should use. Although you don't necessarily have to use them all, those usually help hide unpleasing bags, shadows, etc.
    • If you aren't allowed to wear makeup, chapstick is both acceptable and fine. It's also good for your lips!
    • Keep in mind that you should never hide a pimple with makeup, as makeup only worsens its condition. Brave it out, or use a facial mask to help get rid of it. However, remember that using too much facial mask may make it worse, or cause more pimples to pop up!
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    Avoid chapped lips by frequently applying chapstick or lipgloss! While you may be tempted to moisten dry lips by given them a quick swipe with your tongue, it only makes it worse. Peeling or yanking at dry bits of loose skin will only inflame your chapped lips, making them worse. The best you can do is try different formulas to bring quick healing to your chapped lips, and apply plenty of chapstick.
    • A quick method to heal chapped lips overnight is to apply chapstick every night before you go to bed. Then, in the morning, you'll wake up with moisturized lips! Keep applying chapstick throughout the day to lock in the moisture, and repeat this method every night.
    • Keep a tube of chapstick in your pocket for quick and easy use.

Part 3
Being Popular During Your Social Life

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    Be a social butterfly. Avoid sticking to just one group. Flutter from one group to another, and invite those who sit alone to join you! If they are too shy, join them instead, and make sure as many people as possible feel included.
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    Talk to your friends often, and make sure you have spoken with every friend at least once every day. If it isn't possible to talk face to face with one or more of your friends, text or email them a sweet message to let them know you care for them.
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    Vary your friendship groups. It's best to not just stick with one group of friends. Instead, have a few circles:
    • Have one circle of friends you are very close with.
    • Outside of the circle of close friends, have a circle of normal friends you can talk to and fool around with.
    • Surrounding the circle of normal friends will be acquaintances, or people you don't normally talk to every single day, but you are friendly with.
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    Be friendly but neutral to all others. Treat everyone else who isn't your friend (acquaintances) neutrally. Have no bad thoughts or show any bad feelings to anyone. You don't have to treat them too kindly or meanly - just show enough friendliness and kindness to get by. That way, no one can ever say you were mean to them, and people will start looking up to you!
    • If there is someone you can't stand, treat them neutrally either way. Who says you have to like them to treat them neutrally? Remember that they are a human being like you as well, and consider giving them a chance. Get on good terms with them! Perhaps you got the wrong impression. However, do not ignore the annoying person, or they may get angry at you and try to do something harmful to get back at you. Don't form enemies in the school - that's the last thing you want to do when trying to become popular.
    • Do not attempt anything that you know will provoke or hurt them. Word might get around, and your chances of becoming popular will shatter.
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    Call or text people regularly. However, it's best to stick with just texting in case some people get annoyed with the phone ringing constantly. Overdoing this is not good at all, as people will find you just annoying, and it'll give you a bad reputation.
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    Join clubs and activities that either occur during or after school. Joining clubs and activities is one of the most efficient and popular ways to improve your social status, and get your name around the school! Plus, you can form new bonds while participating in an activity you enjoy.
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    Avoid bugging people when they're busy. If they look intently focused on something, save your hello for later when they're less busy. Interrupting their focus will most likely bother them, and cause them to dislike you, even if you were only trying to be nice and friendly.
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    Don't be rude to the popular people in your school, or they'll definitely label you something lower than you want to be. Treat them kindly, but don't be their servant just to please them. Do enough to receive their favor, and in return, they'll be kind to you and maybe do nice things for you as well.
    • Avoid the snobs. There is nothing you can do to entirely please them, and they'll only look down on you. Go for the kinder popular people.
    • Know right and wrong from what they ask you to do. If what they're asking you to do is wrong, don't do it just to please them. If your goal is to be a popular person without being rude, stick with it, and earn your popular status by not being rude!
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    Stand up for yourself when needed, as this will give you a strong appearance and perhaps impress others. However, there is no need to be rude when doing this. Simply say something similar to the following:
    • "I did this because I felt it was best. I'm sorry you disagree."
    • "I'm sorry you didn't like what I did, but it was the right thing to me."
    • "I'm sorry you didn't like what I did, but it felt right to me. I hope we can still be friends."
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    Avoid sounding haughty, snobby, or proud. Have a polite, formal tone, and let it betray none of your inner feelings. Even though your opinion may be the right thought, it will not seem right to the other person. Don't sound like you know you're right, and act like the other person is definitely wrong, or you'll come off as snobby.


  • You don't necessarily have to go out, and purchase a whole new wardrobe when changing your style. Try mixing and matching your clothing to create new, awesome outfits, but make sure you don't end up with clashing colors!
    • For example: Putting on a scarf to go with your outfit will add a cute pop of color. Also, consider tying it in different ways to make it look like a totally different outfit. Scarves can also fancy up even a plain T-shirt, depending on how you tie it!
  • Participate in class, and try to be smart, while not being nerdy or dumb. Smart people can be popular as well, as long as they don't use overly long or difficult words fit for a nerd.
    • Don't say "What?", "like", "totes", etc. too much, or you'll start to sound annoying. Avoid girly talk.
  • Be kind. Do things for others that are so nice, they want to be friends with you. For example, on Valentines day, give everyone flowers, so nobody feels left out, Everyone will think your sweet, and want to be friends with you.


  • Don't try too hard, or you'll end up looking like a poser.
  • Do not try to be someone you're not.

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