How to Be Popular on wikiHow

Popularity is achieved only by hard work and effort. And, there are no shortcuts to working hard. This guide will teach you how to work hard on wikiHow which could in turn make you popular.


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    Write. Writing precise and concise articles will not only help you learn more things, but will also help the whole community. Steps should be action-oriented and keep the sentences short and simple.
    • Add pictures. A picture speaks a thousand words! In case you cannot add your own pictures, you can request wikiPhoto to do it for you.
    • Embed videos. Videos should be instructional and not advertisements. Videos should follow the wikiHow Video Curation guidelines.
    • If you are not able to find a topic to write-on, you can answer requests.
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    Patrol recent changes. Patrolling helps review the edits, taking us a step close to our goal. Go slow and read the edit properly. If unsure, click on "Skip".
    • Click on "Mark as Patrolled" if you are sure that the edit follows our policies and helps make the article better.
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    Be active in the forums, especially the "Village Pump" section. You'll get to know people personally instead of just a blank face behind a computer monitor.
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    Work for the community rather than just trying to boost up your numbers.
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    Welcome new users. Welcoming users makes them feel better.
    • Be ready to answer questions by new users. If you are unsure what to answer, ask an administrator for help. But do not abandon the question or give a wrong answer.
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  • At wikiHow, quality matters a lot more than quantity. A hundred high quality edits is more appreciated than thousand low quality ones.
  • Don't rush through the RC Patrol. Making mistakes and/ or failing the RC Patrol Coach test could undo all (or some) of your edits.
  • Popularity is not something that comes in a day or two. It could take months or even years. Learn to appreciate the fact that everyone on wikiHow is equal. If there are a few people who have been known, it is because of their work.


  • Do not vandalize pages. Doing so could get you blocked.

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