How to Be Popular in Year 6 at Primary School

Are you in Year 6 at Primary and want to be known? Follow these steps and you might just find yourself the girl everyone desires!


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    Practice good hygiene. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day,for two minutes. Shower everyday, making sure you wash everywhere.(Yes,everywhere!) Wash your hair and face every other day, using shampoo and conditioner for your hair and spot scrub and moisturizer for your face.
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    Dress with your own style. If you wear uniform, roll up your sleeves or something to make yourself stand out. If your allowed to wear your own clothes to school, dress in what you feel. If you want to reign the school's catwalk, then check out what the popular girls are wearing and dress similar to them. Don't dress the exact same, or you'll be looked down as a copycat.
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    Make friends. If you chat with the popular girls, be confident. Go up to them with a cute smile on your face and say "Hi! I've never really got to know you guys, but I have heard that you're all really nice!". Make sure to compliment them and, with chance, they might invite you to eat with them at lunch.
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    Talk to the boys!. If a boy is not one of the popular girls boyfriends, you're all set. Try to look nice and walk over to where the boys might be. Chances are they will be on the football pitch or basketball court. Talk to one of your friends for advice before you make your move. Talk to the boy and after a while confess you have a crush on him, and ask him if he loves you. If he doesn't just say "Oh, okay, never mind then." and start a new subject. If yes be like, "Cool." If any rumors spread make sure one of your friends is there to help fight the rumors. It isn't a need to have a boyfriend, but if you do have one, chances are you'll be better known.
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    Do your hair nice. Learn how to do a plait, or a fishtail, or maybe curl your hair. Ask your friend, mum or sister to help you out with your hair. Make sure your hair looks nice, if your going for a messy plait, because if it doesn't look good, you may get told off by a teacher.
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    Be nice! If you are nice to everyone, good things will be heard about you. Try to make a good first impression and when around school, give everyone a cute smile and a "Hey!". If you look after the young ones and they are positive about this,they may hug you around everyone, which will make you look like a nice girl. Keep on smiling and enjoy school. You've one year of it left, so make the most of it!


  • Do not wear too much make up. If allowed, wear some blush to cover up spots, a natural eye shadow, some light lipstick and a touch of lip gloss. Save the whole make up thing for high school.
  • Don't brag. It will make you look really mean.
  • Don't annoy your boyfriend with "Do you love me?" If he doesn't love you, he will dump you. Respect his choices and do not feel embarrassed. Do not annoy him with "Why don't you love me?" if he doesn't say yes to your boyfriend request. This will put him off you even more.
  • If you fall out with someone, just walk past them with your friends to show you're having a good time. This will make them feel jealous and want to be friends with you again.

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