How to Be Popular in Private School (Unisex Edition)

Ever wonder how to be the nice kind of popular in your new private school? Even if you are a returning student, or go to an all girls or all boys’ school, this guide is the thing for you! There are some tips for girls only and tips for boys only, but I will tell you when that happens, but most of this article is something that works for everyone! (Even for non-private school attending people!) Enjoy!


  1. 1
    Don't be arrogant. What's the point? You will be a total outcast because no one likes a rude person!
  2. 2
    Respect yourself. Don't say things like "Wow, I'm so stupid " etc.,
  3. 3
    Be confident and FEEL dominant! Don't back down from a social challenge.
  4. 4
    Learn everyone's secrets, but tell NONE of your own, you don't want people to have something on you! But don't use what you have learned about others against them EVER!
  5. 5
    Talking opposed to listening. Listen to others about 80% of the time, and talk 20% of the time (if that!)
  6. 6
    Have a poker face at all times!
  7. 7
    NEVER take sides OR be in a fight at all costs!
  8. 8
    Be friends with literally everyone, but if someone is mean or impossible to befriend, just be cordial and nice to them.
  9. 9
    Never be negative! Always be positive and sweet.
  10. 10
    Always be nice, and never be mean.
  11. 11
    Never talk about anyone, regardless if its good or bad. It may seem silly, but by talking about anyone in general, people will think you're talking about them behind their backs!
  12. 12
    Flirting is good. Guys/girls will think your cool for "liking" them.
  13. 13
    Don't steal friends, if you want to be friends with one specific person, try to seem like you want to be friends with their main friends also! You want to be the good girl/guy right? REAL popular people are nice, and have lots of friends!
  14. 14
    Try to become friends with the popular girls and guys first, but shortly afterward become friends with everyone else, this will make it much easier!
  15. 15
    Help out and befriend the younger kids. They aren't half bad, and its just seen as cool and nice in general!
  16. 16
    Be teachers pet and never act out! You are at a private school where people pay (important people at that!) to get their child away from the public school disruptions! Being a bad influence will never get you a ticket to popularity, so watch your behavior!
  17. 17
    Set trends! This doesn't just mean fashion trends, but things you say and do can catch on if they are cool!
  18. 18
    Hygiene is the key! People don't think stink or greasy hair is normal at all. This is defiantly important to your climb up the popular ladder!
  19. 19
    Be in all of the "cool clubs" meaning clubs that a lot of people are in and people like! Such as cheer leading, student council, honor council, group volunteering, national honor society, sports (volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, etc.,), and music classes!
  20. 20
    Be mature, but don't act cocky and better then others!
  21. 21
    Bragging and gloating bring nothing but people being pissed off at you! You will be thought of as annoying!
  22. 22
    Like and act interested in everything people say! People love to talk about themselves and will respect you for being so polite!
  23. 23
    Set up parties and sleepovers a month or more in advanced and invite EVERYONE in the grade! No one likes to be left out!
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    Always look like you're having fun!
  25. 25
    Try not to have too strong of an opinion on most things. People hate when they are proved wrong or people hate on things they like!
  26. 26
    (girls only tip) Always wear cute accessories! plastic bracelets and homemade block letter necklaces are always cute!
  27. 27
    Try to get "close" with everybody! Having a lot of close friends is never a problem!
  28. 28
    Hang out with everyone equally! Girls, spend an equal amount of time with guy friends as you would with your girls! Guys, spend an equal amount of time with "girl friends" as you would with your guy friends!
  29. 29
    Try to get a nice down-to-earth good with mingling boyfriend/girlfriend! It's always nice to have someone you like to share your school year with right?
  30. 30
    Don't instigate. It's not cool, and just causes problems!
  31. 31
    Never cuss! Even around your close friends, it trashy, especially when you go to a private school! Not cool!
  32. 32
    (Girls only tip) Hang out! Go shopping with the girls often, and invite them to your house often! Find excuses to hang out with them in moderation!
  33. 33
    (Boys only tip) Hang out with your friend's a lot! Bonding over football and at parties/movie night is always fun for the guys!
  34. 34
    If your friends go to your house a lot, make sure to have a cool room! Girls, have lots of J-14 or Tiger Beat posters, cool trinkets, a TV, and interesting conversation pieces. Guys, have something like an air hockey table or a foosball table, sports/wrestling posters, and a TV!
  35. 35
    Accessorize and alter your uniform as much as possible! Within the limits of school uniform codes of course! Being as unique as you can, will separate you from the others!
  36. 36
    Be nondescript most of the time! You will seem confident, laid back, and cool!
  37. 37
    Do not be awkward, walk away if you must! Excuses like "I have got to go do my _________" or "I have got to study for ___________" Try not to seem like your lying or faking needing to go.
  38. 38
    Try to have the nice person personality at all times! This means being personable and very open to conversation!
  39. 39
    Try to be good at what you do. Like academics and sports/clubs
  40. 40
    When a friend is in need, help them! You would want their help if you needed it! This will ensure they will return the favor unless they are really crappy friends!
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    Be laid back and seem to not care. To an extent of course. You don't want to be completely mellowed out, but you don't want to freak out over little things either!
  42. 42
    Don't get your feelings hurt easily! People are mean and jealous. Ignore them and pretend like nothing happened and they said nothing because their opinion is not worth your time. Haters will be haters, and that is something you have to learn sometime in your life, better now then later!
  43. 43
    (Girls only tip) Perfume & hair care. Always wear a little body mist or perfume.
  44. 44
    (Guys only tip) Deodorant, shower gels, and hair care. Even a little manly musk on a guy is nice! Girls love guys who smell nice!
  45. 45
    Make sure you house, room, locker, backpack, binder, et cetera, are not messy! Always be on top of what you are doing. Plus people don't like when people have a rats nest for a room or anything else!
  46. 46
    If you are not "normal" act normal! Don't do weird things, don't say weird, creepy, or awkward things, don't make weird noises, don't make weird movements, and don't make weird faces!
  47. 47
    Try not to bring up the past if it's bad. Don't bring a conversation down; it gets annoying talking about bad things!
  48. 48
    Smile a lot, and never frown! People not only like positive people, but also like positive looking people too!
  49. 49
    Keep your head tilted up, and have good posture! You will seem weak or weird if you don't. If you do, you will look confident! (And feel confident!)
  50. 50
    Never try to seem out of place or nervous. Go with the flow of things and seem natural!
  51. 51
    Every blue moon, buy something for your friends! Such as lunch or manicures! Make sure you have enough money with you though; it would stink if they had to pay for it themselves, not to mention it would be embarrassing!
  52. 52
    Try not to follow people around, or be clingy! People will begin to boss you around and see you as their slave!
  53. 53
    Popular goals. If your goal is to be most popular instead of equal to all of the popular people, then first become equals, and then become most popular. If you just want to become equals in general and that’s it, then don't act like you are any better then them, or have any extra qualifying traits that would make you most popular! I personally suggest staying equals, but it is your choice!
  54. 54
    A big part of staying popular is staying in touch after school. (not summer, just when the school days end) Texting, Skyping, calling, and emailing friends makes sure your friendship will not fall apart, and it shows that in the summer you can, and will, keep in touch, and it's not just an in-school friendship! You want more then that, right?
  55. 55
    If you don't want to take the high road, or just can't handle when someone talks bad to you, have a set of appropriate, not-to-harsh comebacks that are witty. I suggest not even saying anything, just to keep the nice guy/girl rep up, but again, it’s your decision!
  56. 56
    Never poke fun at someone! Things of that nature tend to find its way back to the person you talked about! And what goes around comes back around, so just keep your mouth shut when it comes to that!
  57. 57
    Everyone should have a signature accessory, clothing item, or maybe even a hairstyle! It distinguishes you from the rest of your school! Weather it be a cute posh bob, Hollister Jacket, or a Kate Spade scarf, you should have one!
  58. 58
    Try to complement and/or admire everyone and everything. Not to a stalker-ish level, but again, people hate when others don't like what they like, or people say something they like is stupid. So, you are better off “liking” most things!
  59. 59
    Don't look down on yourself or others. Everyone is a human, treat them like it!
  60. 60
    Try not to touch or playfully hit people because it makes them VERY uncomfortable! If someone does that to you, don't freak out though, just act natural and let them act like a total fool! If it's a mean touch or hit, report them, you don't deserve that to happen. It's bullying if they hit you to hurt you in a mean way!
  61. 61
    Never disagree or say the opposite of what someone says just to say it and piss them off! You just don't want to make people mad in general.
  62. 62
    Again, don't be to clingy! Try to be independent and your own person. You shouldn't take rude orders from other peers. You are your own person, not some type of human leech.
  63. 63
    ALWAYS treat others how you would want to be treated. This is very basic and self-explanatory.
  64. 64
    Try not to be sarcastic that often. It is actually pretty rude and disrespectful most of the time!
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    And the last, MOST IMPORTANT, VITAL RULE OF ALL! Think about EVERY ACTION, AND EVERY WORD YOU SAY! Always, ALWAYS monitor yourself because you can never take back your actions or words, EVER!

Things You'll Need

  • Perfume (girls)
  • Shower Gel (Guys)
  • Deodorant
  • Hair care products
  • Shower/bath
  • Cool room (not a complete and total MUST but would help a lot!)
  • Diary with a lock so you can vent your feelings, and not during school so you keep up your good kid rep.
  • Optional for girls: Hair straightener/blow drier/curler

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