How to Be Popular in Homeschooling

Some people think they will never have friends or activities since they are home schooling. However, you could become very active and popular in a few or many easy ways.


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    Try to get out of the house. If you're homeschooled, you are probably at your house more than most kids are. If you don't get out, you might not meet many other kids, and then there is no way to become popular. So, try to have fun with the people that you like. Don't feel weird about wanting to have some fun. If you feel too uncomfortable with the "new friend", then maybe people you have met are not the people that fit as your friends.
    • Speak up: talk to people wherever you can; such as in order to meet people in line at the post office or at the bank.
    • Get active: jogging, hiking, skating, swimming, rock climbing, biking, bowling, play throw/pass and catch, shoot baskets; do miniature golfing or putting.
    • Participate in youth activities at your church or temple.
    • Eat out to see the kind of people there. Be careful at the food court of a mall or at a burger, pizza or taco restaurant; any can be there: dopers, nuts, liars or crooks.
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    Figure out the social dynamics of a public school near you. If you can meet some popular kids at a public school near you, you can try to become friends with them. Once you are friends with one popular person, ask when you can hang out, and maybe he/she'll bring a friend, too. Then, you will be friends with two people. Chances are that at least one of them could mention your name to fellow popular people. Soon, others will know of you and could be dying to meet you as a friend!
    • Smile; laugh. Especially learn to laugh at yourself, rather than being embarrassed or shy; be outgoing; you should have fun talking -- then they will. Try listening actively; look at the face of whoever has the floor.
    • Respond to their ideas by being fun, kind and positive ~~ and don't stare at people ~~ or ogle their physiques. Take a joke. Don't get angry over small stuff or self-centered, or worried over who eats the most snacks or chips 'n stuff.
    • Help set the pace: ask about ordinary stuff, and if they are talkative, listen more -- or if not talkers -- then don't push to talk, say "Yeah," agree, nod and smile (Relax; don't be a know it all, or overly insistent).
    • Find common interests to talk about or to do: music, movies, TV shows, a book, styles, current events if of interest, "heroes", sports, etc.
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    Attend a public school's event. If you already have a friend at a public school, go with them and meet their friends. This is a great opportunity to meet more people and have a fun time!
    • If you haven't met anyone at a school event, you can approach someone in the line for snacks and food, or just talk to a person who is sitting at a table next to yours. This will tell your new friend that you are fun, outgoing, and it might make them want to introduce you to their friends.
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    Always look good (appropriate to events and where you are) and "be on and up to it" when you go out. You may run into someone your age, and if you look presentable, you'll seem likeable and cool/warm.
    • If you do wind up going out looking bad, you may see someone. There is a good chance you will see that person again and he/she might remember the encounter.
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    Don't use your new friends (and just let them use you a little). You just got new friends; so, don't offend them by taking away their friend by hanging out with another one of their friends. That will make them mad, and then they will trash talk you. Instead suggest that you can all hang out together, and that way, no feelings will be hurt.
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    Don't hide your being homeschooled. If your friends ask about what school you go to, tell them the truth. If they ask you further questions about it, answer every question showing them that you aren't that different from them.
    • For example, your friend: "So, do you get annoyed with your parents when they try to teach you something?"
      • You: Yeah, sometimes. It's about like a teacher and student relationship during the teaching time. But when we are done with teaching, we're all good.
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    Show them that you're proud to be homeschooled. This will make you even more popular, if you tell them that it's fun and that you enjoy it. They'll think your easygoing and will want to talk to you.
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    Find any sport and social associations in your area:
    • Join a boys' or girls' organization: Scouts Association, Campfire Girls, 4-H, FFA or a similar club organization or at church.
    • Take lessons in a skill or sport. Think about tennis, golf, swimming, etc. Check at community recreation (rec) center and at the YMCA/YWCA (the Y), and Boys and Girls Club, or other.
    • Join a sport league -- and get on a team. Study karate/judo, etc. Join local little-league baseball, youth football or soccer, etc.
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    Join up with homeschoolers: Get your parents to talk to their parents in your general area to do extracurricular activities -- or a school subject: Try to get basketball, softball, soccer or volleyball.
    • Find an "expert parent" such as your parent or of another homeschooler who may be good at or well versed in history, writing, math or science. Try to get a group together for tutoring or doing a project in that certain topic.
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    Read; find books, CDs, movies:
    • Go to a library. Read or study there, but get around. Speak to and meet people.
    • Join a book club by mail or locally, and discuss the subjects with other kids.
    • Play board games, scrabble, chess and trivial pursuits, etc.
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    Play online games like; that is a site where you can talk to people and make friends. An old or young man may say he is a "kid" in elementary school and might be a man such as a pedophile (to trick others, trying to meet and take advantage of kids for sexual reasons) -- might be mentally ill. Be careful.
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    Get a hobby; do a study or a project. Learn and have fun showing your collectibles.
    • Get a part-time job. -- or start a "small business".
    • Learn a language. Take lessons. Go to an ethnic restaurant run by people of the nationality that food represents, and talk to servers to use/practice your language: Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese or such.
    • Do art or a craft. Sale your art or craft.
    • Collect and trade. New or used stuff: books, artistic stuff, sports cards, coins, stamps, or other collectibles.
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    Study music, local acting school/club, take voice training and learn your favorite instrument(s):
    • Look in kids theater. Could you do some acting and productions opportunity, perhaps with fellow homeschoolers or at church, etc.
    • Take song writing lessons.
    • Sing. Practice and perform to develop confidence. Do solos, duets or join a trio or quartet, etc. Join a choir or ensemble at school and/or at church.
    • Organize or join a band: Try to develop into a pretty/or really good youth band: Practice and do public performances when ready.


  • Be sure to earn the trust of your parents by discussing and being agreeable with their rules. Be reliable and dependable.
  • Be nice to everyone you meet, you may see them again!
  • Never be embarrassed but relax and be confident about being homeschooled.
  • If you shop and browse at a mall, shopping center and the stores there, you can meet new people and make friends in those places, being careful to be safe with new acquaintances. Buy groceries at the supermarket and strike up conversations.
  • Smart about money and people -- yeah, then browse at some garage and yard sales to find interesting people, and be friendly.
  • Yard work is a way to earn some cash. Do gardening and sell veggies. Make friends at the farmers market or flea market.
  • Taking a few action pictures to get you around and being noticed -- but, only if you also get involved, talking when appropriate and offering to send a picture, etc. Do fun photography or short videos of actions or of a song. Can you think of and make a video on how to do something, etc.


  • Be sure that your parents approve of your various activities, and get them to meet and talk with your acquaintances, friends and coaches, etc.
  • You'll want to be careful with meeting strangers.

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