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Were you never really "popular" in school? Maybe it's been too long since you were one of the in-crowd that you can't remember how you were able to pull it off? Don't worry, I am here to help. For the next few minutes, you are going to see my magical formula to high school popularity. Before we start, though, you need to know that no matter how popular you are, you can't put that on a college application. Also, the people you hang out with at high school, no matter how close you are now, will eventually lose contact with you later in life--so prepare for a "short-term investment." Lastly, don't make any bad choices or do anything stupid! Disclaimer: This might not work in all the high schools. This is designed just for high school students grade 9-12. This is for people who don't know what they are doing wrong. So if you are unpopular because you have a bad rep--Sorry I can't help that.


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    Identify your problem. What is it that made you unpopular?
    • Some people became unpopular after they moved to another city. This is hardly their fault though and it can only be fixed by time. Not saying being unpopular is your fault, but you should examine what you do to turn people off. There must be a reason(s) for the popular to never be friend you.
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    Ask an honest, trustworthy friend/family/teacher about your personality or habits that make most people dislike you. But since these people are either so used to you by now or love the way you are, that they don't think there's anything wrong with you. Here are a few tips:
    • There are two universally respected values: courage and dream. Courage means not afraid of speaking up in class. If someone is bothering you, confront them about it to their face. Courage also means you are willing to do your own thing, alone, and not caving in to peer pressure. Courage does not mean bullying or starting fights. Cowards do that. Courage is about taking chances and not being afraid of any setbacks or rejections. Accept all the bad things in life and never hide from them. Dream is all about having goals in life that are pretty much impossible to reach but you work on it everyday because you care so much. Set your goals high and get started on them. Again, even if you get made fun of or you have to do it alone, don't quit.
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    Work hard to make these two values, courage and dream, your own.
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    Be aware of your appearances. Especially if you are a girl. If you have only 5 outfits for the entire year, people will think you are not good enough. Prove them wrong. If you don't have any money, work a part-time job. Get a cute hair cut. Get manicures. Make sure people know that you care about what you are putting out there. This isn't always crucial to popularity, but it helps a lot.
    • There is a thing called "Popularity By Association" If you are currently dating/ hanging out with one of the Popular, you will get a ticket to the Launch able.
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    Be a Hero. Yes, you get both fame and respect from your fellow students if you are a star athlete/ awesome performer, and so on. The point is, earn your school recognition, and you will get yours. Be creative too, remember the Friend kid?
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    Believe in yourself. Yes, you can do anything you set your mind on. The outcome isn't half as important as the process. Even if you can't be popular, know that you tried and that you are a Winner for trying.
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    Get out there. Find something you are interested in and do it with a bunch of people. The more you invest in others, the more you will get back. Find clubs or teams and join them.
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    Laugh at yourself. It is hilarious to worry so much about other people's opinions of you, especially since you will not see most of them again for the rest of your life. The people who get you will love you no matter how weird you are. Don't forget them once you get your new popular friends.
    • This is common sense to a lot of people, but you should never compromise yourself for the purpose of impressing others, because you will just hate yourself later. Just as Mother Teresa said, "If you get taken advantage of because you are nice, it is the society's fault and not yours." So be good/successful/happy/friendly even though some people will be jealous of you.


  • BE BRAVE. We are so young, and we should not act like a bunch of scared old men. So what if life knocks you down for trying! Stand back up and keep doing your thing.


  • Never do something that goes against your beliefs.
  • Have a goal in life and remember that goal even if everything seems to be against you.

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