How to Be Popular in Fourth Grade

Are you in fourth grade? If you are, this is a great year for you, but as your hormones change, so will you! In a good way. Just be yourself, and don't let anyone tell you different, you are beautiful and kind!


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    Have self-confidence but not an inflated ego. Being popular can be hard but you can try it if you'd like to. If you don't have self-confidence you should ask a popular kid to tell you what they like about you!
    • Be yourself (this means your best likable self). If you act like someone you're not, you will end up in a group that you don't have a lot in common with. That's not much fun at all.
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    Wear natural makeup if your parents approve.
    • This means only lip gloss/balm (no lipstick or mascara).
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    Improve yourself by becoming friends with people who are already popular.
    • Get involved in sports or an out-of-school activity (like church youth groups, choir, clubs, music lessons, gymnastics, etc.). You'll meet new people that may be better friends with you.
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    Get a solid group of friends that you usually hang with. Don't just wander around, though be open to other people as well.
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    Wear fashionable clothes. It's no secret being fashionable can get you far out in the girl world!
    • Don't just wear sports clothing or cheesy "I love cats" shirts. Some good stores are Abercrombie, justice, Kohl's, Charlotte Russe, Delias, Aeropostale, and Hollister and other stores you like.
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    Style your hair, but don`t overdo it. Make sure your parents approve, and it shouldn`t require a lot of work
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    For example, brush it every day and you could always change up your style a bit like putting it in braids, pony tales ext.
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    Get an Instagram account or one that your parents know, Make sure it is safe too you don't want to be all over inappropriate stuff that your parents don't know about.
    • Don't get alternate accounts on websites like KidSwirl.
    • Ask your teacher about giving the class an Edmodo account. It is like an educational Facebook, it might be better for you to use and it's a lot of fun!
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    Develop a good relationship with some popular or attractive girls in upper grades but don't act like you're never going to act out with your older friends that are not that popular that will make them sad and it will not be good. (If boys in your grade say she's hot, don't just say you know them!)
    • Invite them over to help you with your homework, talk to them over the phone, wave "Hi" to them at the grocery store, ask them for school/fashion/boy advice.The possibilities are endless.
    • Be nice to them. You want to be in good terms with the kids that know more than you.
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    Keep clean.
    • Make sure your face is clean (wash it if you have acne).
    • Use deodorant and shave if you have armpit hair.
    • Brush your teeth and floss (no one likes to be with someone with bad breath).
    • Wash your hair well (it shouldn't be greasy).
      • If you want, you can style it. Ponytails, ponytail to the side, French braid, fishtail braid, two braids, half-up half- down 'do, curl your hair, straighten your hair. There is so much to do with gorgeous hair.
    • Make sure your body smells nice (use scented body lotion, perfume, or spritz).
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    Get a crush or idol, it could be someone at school or could be a celebrity but remember you still don't want to be exactly like them because then you will lose your inspiration about being yourself.
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    Be fashionable,be you hang out with nice kids almost all of the time, and if your friends are unpopular or uncool, still hang out with them and definitely have fun being you!


  • Make sure you have friends that are loyal in case you lose your popularity.
  • Have your own personality so you won't come across as a wannabe.
  • Don't follow your popular friends all day long. You have your own life!
  • Don't get carried away trying to fit in; you'll just look like a copycat.
  • Being popular isn't everything. Focus on your studies too.
  • Sit at the cool people table where most of the popular kids sit.
  • If you can get cool, funky clothes, get them!
  • Always be nice and friendly all the time you will get more friends, that's the code!
  • Be helpful. Don't be a bully and stand up for anyone that is witnessed being bullied. Get involved with class projects and group outings.
  • If there is a weird kid that is getting bullied, stand up for him or her.
  • Do not be mean, it will get you a lot of enemies.


  • People will like you if you have a good personality.
  • People may think you are shy if you have your head down, so speak clearly, keep your head up and have fun! (but it's still okay to be shy and be yourself)
  • Don't be mean.
  • Don't be rude.
  • Don't spread rumors about people even though you are popular, don't act like you're bullying.

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  • Hair styling equipment (CHI Straightener, Curling Iron, and Blow Dryer)
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