How to Be Popular in Elementary School

Picture this: As you walk through the school, people crane their necks to look at you, dazzled by your beauty. "You look wonderful!" they cry. Want this amazing life to be yours? Read on!


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    Demonstrate your unique personality.Everyone will remember someone who is unique and brave to be different.
    • Don't ever be afraid to crack some jokes, people just love to be friends with someone who is funny and hilarious.
    • Write. Are you a poet? Flare out some of your nice work and find someone with the same hobbies.
    • Trendsetter. Are you someone who is making the whole class use mechanical pencils? Or are you the one that makes new trends of neon colored striped socks in the summer? Giving advice to your friends will be a very suitable job for you!
    • Chef. Amazing in cooking and/or baking? Bake some sweets and simple cakes and give them to your friends.
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    Study hard, and get good grades! It will help people know that you are the smart one that they'd like to be.
    • Are you a visual, auditory or and kinesthetic learner? The visual learner may have a preference for seeing. Auditory learners best learn through listening. Kinesthetic learners prefer to learn via experience moving, touching, and doing. So depending on your learning style, you will learn either visually, hands on, or by listening.
    • Take good notes. Find cute note-pads in the dollar store, some colored pens, highlighters, post-its and stickers to help you make note taking fun and interesting!
    • Review your notes! This doesn't sound as easy when heard, but it really helps everyone made a good score!
    • Find some good exercising books. In the bookstore, you can find some nice subject exercise books, and you could ask some questions that you can't answer to your teacher.
    • Highlight some points. If your friends call it childish, just leave them alone. Highlight the subject points. It makes it easier to read during sudden exams.
    • Read challenging books. You probably have some time that you could spend to read, but you're just too lazy to do it. Just make sure it isn't so hard that you don't understand a single word that the author wrote. A research stated that children could learn and remember things better than the adults.
    • Learn some extra courses. Do you have some time to spend? Then why don't you take extra courses to the weakest subject you couldn't understand?
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    Socialize with everyone. What's wrong with having friends?
    • Start the conversation. Saying 'Hi' and 'Hello' isn't going to hurt you. There must be a person that will just stay quiet, but that shouldn't stop you from being popular!
    • Say the magic word. Everybody like a polite person, someone who knows the basic manners as such as Thank you, Please, and Sorry.
    • Listen to their problems. Sometimes they don't need advice, they just need you to listen and understand their current state. Smile and just tell them it will be alright!
    • Try your best to help them. Are they having a hard time with the new subject? Then explain it to them if you understand the point that they don't understand, and don't make fun of them.
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    Be nice. Nobody wants to hang around someone who is always making them feel bad.
    • Give compliments. Of course you like someone who compliments you, but don't overdo the compliments.
    • Don't criticize them with mean words. It's always nice to give someone criticize, because it will help them be better, but using harsh and hurtful words is absolutely wrong.
    • Be forgiving in a way. When someone asks you to forgive them or they say sorry, wait a few days to answer. This will make the person more and more eager to hear what you are going to say.
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    Be up to date. But being up to date doesn't mean you need the latest iPad or the newest game, just know the latest news in your school or group of friends.
    • Watch the News. Boring? Sure it is! But watching the news with your father may help you know the latest things going on, and that can be conversation ideas right there. (Just make sure it isn't boring!)
    • Music. Don't just listen to Justin Bieber and Rihanna, there are many artists that you could listen to. Sure, Rihanna and Justin Bieber are very talented people, but don't limit your playlist to that! Try finding the new artists in the music industry. Who knows, you could become their biggest fan.
    • Who likes a bragger? People who always brag their wealth and possessions is a turn off. If you hate braggers, don't mirror what they do!.
    • Be humble. Being humble would make you less noticed. But rather than making a new enemy, being humble is a wise decision.
    • Take a compliment. When you just got an award and someone complimented you, don't shrug it off.
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    Hygiene and hygiene. Do you smell like an anchovy? Read this one, please!
    • Take a bath. Even just soap will make you smell beautiful if you use it right. Simply just scrub the soap two times in bath and you will smell divine. If you still want something more, buy a loofah and a nice bath gel.
    • Wear deodorant. After you had your period, you'll smell more easily. Even though some friends will convince you that you don't smell bad, get deodorant.
    • Fragrances. No matter how much it costs or where you buy it, it still will make you smell nice! For an elementary schooler, just have a fruit and flower scented fragrance. They could be found easily in the supermarket. Just make sure you don't overspray! One spray on each wrist will be good.
    • Mouth. It's really gross when someone has asparagus pieces stuck to their teeth, so brush after you had your meals and floss after them. You also can use mouthwash.
    • Make up. If you're an elementary schooler, don't wear a ton of makeup. Your skin is as smooth as silk and it can't take the cosmetic chemicals. Rather than making your skin prone to more acne, you better stay away from your sister and mother's cosmetics.
    • Have a "kit". Bring some things to your school. Dry tissues, mini sized perfume, breath freshener, and lip balm and/or lip gloss.
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    Be confident in who you are and what you're good at! Everyone is good at something!
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    Enjoy yourself, and make sure that you’re trying to be the good kind of popular, not the bad kind. Gossiping, bullying, or making fun of people is a negative thing to do and a #1 thing to avoid.
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    Be nice to everyone, not just the popular kids. Be yourself and always be consistent. If you try too hard just to be popular, your old friends may think of you differently. Make sure that you always find the true you and never change that.
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    Help others. This can be helping with carrying books, cleaning up after an activity, or helping with work. Helpful people shine in a group, and find it easier to get help for their self if they need it.
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    Share. Whether it's a nice snack, school supplies, or a vibrant smile, be willing to share.
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    Give compliments. This doesn't mean superficial or shallow compliments, but be there to pat someone on the back when they accomplish an achievement.
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    Compete fairly. There is always a degree of competition in school, whether on grades, for attention, or in sports, and fair play is a respected and appreciated quality.
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    Gossiping like mean girls (like on your favorite TV shows or books) doesn't help at all. Neither does teasing others for wearing bad clothes or having bad speech. It just gives you a "mean kid" reputation and you lose friends this way, unless your friends are followers.
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    Followers or friends? Make sure that you aren't mixing up your "friends" with your "followers". Followers agree with everything you do and say, and pretend to be your friend just to be popular. True friends don't always agree with you, and truly stick together with you no matter what happens, through thick and thin.


  • Be confident.
  • Always say "Hi!" to the teacher and your friends.
  • Don't wear the same thing that other people wear, wear what you think is unique and cool.
  • Never put your chin down, always be happy and positive!
  • You should never try to make fun of your true friends.
  • Don't listen to others if they say things like you are dumb or embarrassing. Just ignore them.
  • Have fun and interact with people.Just interact on your own time!
  • Never do what other people do. Do your own thing no matter what others say.
  • Always smile
  • Stores like Hollister, Abercrombie, or Aeropostale are stores that sell popular clothing and are good choices.
  • Wear your hair in different ways and always smile. Always carry lip balm or lip gloss and never leave for school without brushing your teeth.
  • Always be nice and never give up.
  • Be a good role model. Everyone wants someone to look up to!
  • When people need to be somewhere, don't rush things in in a conversation. Let them go.
  • Always be nice and be cheerful.
  • Just because cool kids are being mean doesn't mean that you have to do that to be popular.
  • Try to find something in common with everyone so that you can find something to talk about with everyone in your school.
  • When you see someone sitting alone, have them feel comfortable.
  • Try to all ways do your best also don't be afraid to tell someoneI don't get this problem to a teacher or a person next to you.
  • Make friends with popular people who have a few of friends and gradually make more friends.
  • Always be nice to everybody.


  • People will change a lot in 4th and 5th grade. Girls may not be nice, boys will start liking girls, and your friends may change from what they used to be. Prepare yourself for the years to come and you will be the most popular kid in school!
  • Don't leave your old friends for the new ones.
  • Avoid being "mean". This could cause resentment towards you from your peers, which can ultimately result in being ignored or hated.
  • Don't brag. People can get annoyed easily, so be sure not to push it too far.

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