How to Be Popular Among Peers

Tired of being unnoticed? Want to give society a good impression of you? Read on, and soon you can be liked, loved and/or even desired by your peers.


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    Check your ego. If you lack the skill to understand and work alongside your peers you will never gain their respect. In order to gain that respect you must show them you are not at all a self centred person. You may have watched movies including 'popular' teens/kids that are very selfish and horrible to everyone less fortunate than them. They may be liked at first, but in the end they are always despised. Do not be selfish and do not proudly admit to being selfish.
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    Give yourself a Make-Over. Looks aren't everything, but they do matter. If you usually wear your hair up in a ponytail (if its long) then wear it down for a change. People like others who constantly do new and different things. Try to be extravagant and interesting and people will notice you. If you're a boy, gel your hair back, spike it up, or grow it and get a swoopy fringe. You should wear clean clothes that match and think about the latest fashions etc.
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    Be clean. If you smell bad, people won't want to be around you. Wash at least twice a day with soap, make sure your hair is clean and smells fresh. DO NOT wear the same clothes twice in a row especially if they have stains on them. Make sure you clean your nose, teeth and ears. You also don't want to have sleep dust in your eyes so make sure you check your eyes every morning. Clean your finger nails out and cleanse your face every morning and night so you don't get spots.
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    Dress Your Best. Along with the hairstyle, you will need to dress nicely to get people to like you/notice you. This may seem like shallow thinking, but its true. If you have a lot of money look at some good/top brands like Topshop, Newlook, Bank or USC. Even if you are sporty and athletic, don't wear tracksuits and regular trainers everyday for it may make you appear boring and dirty. Wear shoes like Vans, Converse etc. Take a look on websites like Tumblr to get fashion ideas.
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    Be Real, Not Fake. If you're a girl, the worse thing you can do is over-dose on make-up, people may still like you, but you won't be popular for the right reasons. Wear a skin coloured foundation and avoid looking orange. Make sure you know how to apply any fake-tans you wear and remember do not wear revealing vest tops. They may get you male attention, but most females will not approve of this and may start to dislike you. Do not dye your hair too often as it will give you a very fake, broken and dirty look. To be popular you must be yourself, don't try too hard to be fake.


  • If you start to lose friends, stop.
  • When choosing clothes make sure you choose a full outfit that actually matches.
  • If people start to copy you/dress like you that means you are becoming popular.
  • If your peers compliment you often, you are sure on track.


  • Using the advice in the text does not always make you popular. In all honestly you need to think about who you really are. If you pretend to be somebody you're not, you will end up with no friends.

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