How to Be Outgoing in College

College is a great time to meet new people and try new things. College is a place where it is much easier than perhaps, High School or the Workplace to be out going. It all depends on your personality, but there are even ways to deal with that. Some people are naturally shy people but being too shy might be a handicap.


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    Live in a dorm/apartment. The dormitory will be filled with lots of people who are mostly new to college and are interested in meeting other people. Dorms usually have activities that are open to all residents and are a good way to meet people. Apartments are fine if you are more the reserved type or an older person and have a nice close group of friends that you like to see.
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    Leave your door open when you're in there. No one will ever just knock on your door and ask to come in and meet you (except your R.A.). Leaving your door open is inviting and will help lure potential friends into your room.
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    Get to know your roommate(s). While you may not always be the best of friends, it is possible to have a roommate that you like and share a common circle of friends with. If your roommate is also interested in meeting new people, they will be glad to go out to meet other people. It's just like having a wingman while looking for a date. Your roommate may be a good start because you will get to know his friends and so on. Sometimes your roommate(s) might have friends that you do not want to know and that is OK.
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    Find other activities besides sitting in your room and going to class. While you are in college to get a degree, there is plenty of time to join a student or community organization and there are usually many to choose from (Band, Sports Club, Religious Organization, Fraternities and Sororities, and Service Organizations)
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    Make friends in class. If you go to several classes and you notice that one person is sharing a similar schedule, reach out to them and ask them if they'd be interested in studying together or sitting and comparing notes after class or just to hang out. This can be a huge help f you haven't been able to get some homework finished. You can find common ground with students in trade schools. Try to get that persons phone, e-mail, address, and Facebook/MySpace account.
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    Get a job - Try getting a job in the college or a part time job in your community. That will be a great way to meet other college students along with other people in the community.


  • Remember. All freshman at college are new. Some of them may have brought their group of friends from their hometown with them, but the majority of people are just as interested in meeting new people and are just as afraid of rejection.
  • Don't be afraid to like the things that you like. Your favorite music, television shows, or books are sure to be shared by at least one person on campus. If not, someone will be interested in trying something new by listening to your choice of music, etc.
  • If you find a group of people you want to be friends with and they turn you down, don't be worried. There are lots of other people who are interested in meeting you. There are thousands of people to meet.
  • Branch out. Even if you have found a solid group of friends there are more people out there you can meet and develop friendships with.
  • Have School Spirit. Go to athletic events and cheer.
  • Become comfortable with yourself. Being comfortable with yourself will help you ooze confidence and other people like confidence.
  • Get a job. Having extra cash is nice, plus jobs give you the opportunity to meet entirely new people!
  • There is a new generation of more quieter, more conservative college students coming up so they may not be as comfortable in partying as the older generation. The college students are raised more by parents that grew up in the 1980s, not the 1960s and 1970s, so they may have a different view about college.
  • If you see some guy or girl who is attractive, go up and start introducing yourself. Many college students are not just looking for friends, but they are looking for relationships and sometimes even marriage material.


  • Do not leave your door open when you're not in there! There's a good possibility something will get stolen if you do.
  • Ask before entering anyone's room with an open door. Their door may be open for just a little while as they run in to grab something. Do not assume they want to talk to you.
  • Remember that getting a degree is more important than meeting people. While a great balance can be found, taking the time to get good grades is more important. Friends should understand that, but if they don't then they aren't worth being friends.

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