How to Be Original in an Unoriginal World

Doing what you love to do consistently. Wouldn’t it be great if you could influence your life in such a way, that you could finally be yourself around people, that you could be one out of a hundred that doesn't do the same things? Well now you can.


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    Avoid brand names (examples: Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle) and instead go for clothes that most fit you. Don't know what to look for? Try places like Target, Charlotte Russe, Fashion Bug, etc. Create your own wardrobe. Try different colors and styles. Find what suits you best and stick with it.
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    Realise that people's opinions don't matter. A good quote to live by is, "Be who you are, and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." And it's true, realise that the only person you need to impress is yourself. There will always be people who think that your ugly, mean, or just plain don't like you, and then there will also be a huge round of people who think that your gorgeous, nice, and they will like you.
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    Be fun and silly. There are great advantages to this, and you'll be more liked than ever by just being fun to be around. Smile and laugh. Laugh because people like people who laugh with them (not at them). This makes people happy and brightens the way they think of you. It makes you seem like you truly love life and you can deal with any problems that you have to face. Be a happy person, not ditsy and uncaring, but optimistic. Think about the people you most enjoy being with, usually they are always on the up and up. There are times to be sad, but they should not take up a majority of your time.
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    Be spontaneous. Everyone likes a person who can keep things interesting. Have fun with things, be lighthearted. No one likes boredom, or to feel like nothing new ever happens. Change it up! Instead of going to the mall, go bowling. Go to new places, do new things. People will appreciate the change, and they'll know to go to you the next time they want to do something fun.
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    Don't follow trends. For example, if everyone is using the "Star" or "Peace Sign", use the "Heart" or "Smiley Face" as your favorite emoticon. If the new fad is prints for clothing, wear plaid. And who knows? You may start your own trend.
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    Do the opposite of others. And no, that doesn't mean go jump off a bridge if the smart people are saying "No", but try doing things that aren't really done by a lot of people. Document your experiences by taking pictures, and people will be seeing you as more interesting as well.
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    Be friendly. There are so many rude or shy people out there that they cannot initiate a friendly conversation, or they simply can't smile or say "Hi", that's where you come in. Be the one to say "Hi", or initiate a conversation.


  • Do what you like to do, and what your heart truly wants to do, rather than what seems "cool".


  • You may not be liked sometimes. But that is life, and things will always get better, and as said above, there will always be people who like you.

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