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If you're reading this, you want to become popular, the most popular, or join your school's "it" clique. Either way this article should help! You see popular girls in movies, TV shows, and read about them in books, boys like them, girls envy them, they always are having a good time. But be warned: becoming the "it" girl is different from being popular. When you become popular, you gain approval from friends, family and peers, while becoming the it girl takes guts, confidence and complete and total change. You're beginning the journey to the top of your school's totem pole! Always remember that the most popular aren't always the nicest though.


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    Read up! Because of the difference of becoming popular and becoming your schools "it" girl, you need to know what your getting yourself into. Books are MUCH better informants then television and movies, so even if you don't like reading, you should better start soon. Read for at least 20 minutes a day, you want to get an insight on what the "it" girls life is like. Don't worry if you get lost in a book, because some of these are really good, but try to keep your goal in sight. (spoiler alert) Two great books are: The Pretty Little Liars series (Look for Alison, Kate, Hannah, Mona and Courtney) and The Clique series, (Massie and her friends) .
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    Figure out your school. Each school is different, what's your school's "it" group like? Are they all dedicated athletes, cheerleaders, do they have certain talents, or one thing in common? Try to figure out what it is and imitate it. Do they all have blond hair, have they all won art awards. Remember, if you want to lead them you must differentiate yourself a small bit. If they all dance, maybe you can sing?
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    Clothes and Hair. "it" girls often have these two things down. If your style is sweats and a baggy t-shirt that just WON'T do. figure out some of their favorite stores and shop there, if you don't have the cash look for similar styles in less expensive stores. For your hair, Long straight, glossy hair always works. You are going to need a straightener, curling iron, blow dryer, and actually spend time working on your hair each morning. Heat protectant spray is a great helper, because who wants great hair that smells like burnt toast? If your hair is short, or just generally pain and unfashionable, get a new cut and color, highlights are a great way to brighten up drab hair.
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    Makeup. Yes, most "it" girls wear makeup. Think: the right amount applied artfully. Magazines and online tutorials are great help, and make sure to chose colours that complement your eye and skin tones well. Highlight your best feature, and allow the rest of your makeup to be a little less elaborate.
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    Personality. When you begin to meet and interact with "it" girls at your school, make sure you act, confident, a little quiet, and calm. Don't be all devious,and be all "hey let's go insult some random chick to prove I'm like you!". If they have some devious plans follow along, but stay in the background. If Lies, secrets, and hurting others happens to be a part of their life, it's now part of yours. Once they know you better you can start to take the lead.
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    Wash your skin and hair daily, you deodorant and perfume, as long as they don't clash and aren't too strong. if your teeth aren't white, buy whitening strips, if they are crooked, Invisalign are just like invisible braces. Have good breath too, brush your teeth twice daily.
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    If your body isn't as toned as it could be, here are some tips to help. Cut back on your servings, you only need about half the portion size that people actually give you. Eat slowly, don't inhale your food or you won't know when to stop. Fruits and veggies are better then fat and sugar, eat healthy. Exercise, if you don't play a sport there are still many other things you can do. Take daily jogs, with your new "it" pals, or with a dog or whatever, join a yoga, aerobics, or pilates class, join a gym. Many gyms have decent prices, especially if you go more then twice a week. A video set is another option, I recommend P90X and 10 minute trainer, by Tony Horton. He knows his fitness!
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    Become the leader. Once the group has accepted you as their own. Start to become a little more vocal. Think of fun, cool, and exciting activities to do, the first couple with the leader and then, completely without. Make sure you have all the girls, but her, with you, and that she has little or no contact with them while you guys are out. Talk about your experiences at school, if the leader asks why she wasn't invited, make sure to tell her that you really wanted her there, but the other girls, told her not to let you and made you promise not to tell. If the girls ask why she wasn't invited, say that the leader was talking about them to you, and you didn't want them to be hurt. You need to have one true friend in the group that you be super nice too and care about, she will soon be your beta. Yes with popularity comes lies and betrayal.
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    Take over! Do one dangerous activity with the leader alone. Get her to steal someone's boyfriend, sneak into a bar, go out skinny dipping anything to get her friends to hate her. Make sure she gets busted and get it on video. Post it on Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, and make sure it gets lots of views! Tell the group that you don't want her bad rep ruining all your reputations, and making people start to dislike you because you were friends with her. Say she been doing stuff like this for a while, and that it was only a matter of time before she was caught. Pretend you're sad and have the others console you. Make sure you all ignore her and never hang out with her. Do extra fun activities and throw awesome parties with your new BFFs and, anything else like more lies and pranks you want.
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    Remember someone might try to get rid of you now that your on top. Your new world is full of drama lies and peer pressure, you're a bully a liar, and untrustworthy. Was all this worth it?


  • Don't take this seriously. It's not nice to hurt and betray people! Don't take this too Far! Just be happy with your friends who you are, cause once you get to the top, you'll realize life was better at the bottom!

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