How to Be Noticed at Work

Three Parts:Perfecting your presentationBeing a good workerBeing a good colleague

In this time of excessive competitiveness, a person's professional success not only depends on his/her work but is also affected by self presentation. Irrespective of your profession, every workplace has its aura and it is important to become a part of it. However, surprises are sometimes good! Here are some ways to get noticed for all the right reasons that help to further your career goals.

Part 1
Perfecting your presentation

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    Pay attention to your personal appearance. Even if you work in a mechanic's garage or other job where cleanliness is hard to maintain, people still notice the way you look after yourself.
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    Be presentable and always be clean and hygienic. This includes adhering to the noticeable dress code. Everybody would like to speak with a person who is clean and tidy. The rule applies in office as well.

Part 2
Being a good worker

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    Be early, so supervisors or department heads will see you standing out from the crowd. These people often report early to set the day's agenda, and will notice you before the rest of the shift reports. At the very least, always be punctual and avoid being late.
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    Don't keep on just stocking your work. Do it quality-wise and appropriately.
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    Be timely with your projects or work schedule. If you are the person who always finishes a job ahead of schedule, your supervisors and customers (if applicable) will appreciate your efforts.
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    Stay late if it makes a difference in the success of a project you are working on. Staying late just to collect overtime, of course, will draw negative attention to you, and that is not the focus of this article.
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    Look for ways to improve the task you are doing. Some employers have suggestion boxes, and some even offer bonuses for suggestions that make a task more efficient or profitable.
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    Don't stand idle, keep yourself busy and wear a smile. A smile is the best asset that anybody has! Flash it around and get noticed, simple.
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    Establish face time with your superiors, even if it's the CEO of your company or business. Don't hesitate or be afraid, most bosses like people who talk. Remember: "A talking mind is an open one".

Part 3
Being a good colleague

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    Be helpful to your fellow workers. Lending a hand, helping out with good suggestions, or just listening to them when they need someone to sound off to will get their attention.
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    Chip in when coworkers are raising money for charitable causes or for a fellow worker if you can afford to. Many workplaces take collections for the United Way, local charities, or employees who are having medical problems they need help paying for.
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    Be respectful but speak to supervisors when you have an opportunity to do so. This may happen at company functions, meetings, or even when you run into them out on the town.
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    Keep your personal life outside office. It's said, "When in Rome, do as Romans do!" This goes well when it's about your workplace. Your colleagues, especially seniors, should not know if you had a fight with your husband this morning or you did not sleep through the night, until it's extremely required.
    • Outside office friends should remain outside. If you'll keep busy in taking care of old friendships while at work too, then you will never be able to become a part of your present place i.e. office. Try to develop a healthy relationship with your colleagues in office.
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    Participate in Office Days. In order to keep their employees motivated and as a part of recreational activities, many offices celebrate Office Days. They may include 'Red Colour Day' or 'Robot day', etc. Even if you feel it's a bit immature, treat it as the permitted opportunity to let down your hair and really get to know others at work in their "true colours". It's a good chance to use your humour and take it lightheartedly.


  • Be as accurate and quality conscious as you are able, in everything you do.
  • Don't try to show off every five minutes.
  • Synthesize and apply your experience, but don't become obsessed with it. Always maintain a proper balance.
  • You may wish to avoid eating at your desk. It looks sloppy, it can easily offend coworkers subjected to the odors of your meal and it risks damaging equipment or papers around you if there's a spill. Use your lunchtime to get outside or away from the desk and get some healthy exercise. Or, organize games around the kitchen table for all coworkers to eat together and have bonding fun.


  • Don't be too outgoing or rude.
  • Don't get over-dressed.
  • Use mildly scented deodorant-perfume; it should not be too strong.
  • Beware of onlookers. Some people are judgmental and take any opportunity to advance their own cause at the expense of yours.
  • Don't use too many cosmetics.

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