How to Be Neater

Do your friends or family think you aren't neat enough? Want to have a good time without being too messy? Then here is the perfect solution! Read on from step one below.


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    Become organized. You should start off with your home organization. Keep your room clean all the time and people will think of you as 'always being neat'. No one likes a slob, or to see a messy house. If you are a lazy type don't try shoving everything under your bed or closet and covering it, you will never learn to be neat by doing that.
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    Organize your school, office, and desk. You should start off with your locker or binders. If you have a lot of papers you should keep them in a neat pile. Don't try to hold on to everything. Ask yourself if you are truly going to need this in the future. If not, then start a pile with things you don't need. Stay after if you are embarrassed about other people watching you discover moldy oranges at the back of your desk or papers that you have been looking for a long time for.
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    Carry around a few mini bottles of hand sanitizers and baby wipes. This will make you neat in no time. Keep them in your purse, bag, desk, or locker. Also keep yourself neat by combing your hair and ironing your clothes. Keep your face clear and your fingernails clean. You may find it helpful to have a lot of portable cleansing products. Don't forget to bathe and try to smell good.
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    Ask around. How do other people get neater? You can learn a lot of valuable things from other people.
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    Rearrange your furniture. Many people's homes look cluttered because of a sofa right in the middle of a small room apparently. Rearranging your furniture will also make your house look bigger and brighter, so then that will help.
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    Take care of yourself to be neat. Eat well and exercise daily. Drink plenty of water. Maintain a healthy weight and wear well fitting clothing.
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  • Shower every morning.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily, whitening toothpaste won't do you any good once a day.
  • Find a time where you can just sit down for a few hours and organize.
  • Make sure you keep everything shiny and smelling good.
  • Be smart and get good grades.
  • Pick one or two days a week where you assign yourself regular cleaning tasks (for example, on Saturday afternoons you take 30 minutes to dust and clean the bathroom and on Wednesday afternoon you water the plants)


  • Sometimes neat people are so neat that they are sloppy, so really think about things when you put them somewhere.

Things You'll Need

  • Lotion
  • Sanitizers
  • Wipes
  • Soap
  • Comb/brush

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