How to Be Mysterious and Stand Out

Two Parts:Talking with othersInteracting with others

A mysterious person often attracts attention I. He or she will leave people curious about his or her personal life, and they'll want to find out more. Having an air of mystery could help a person get girls or guys interested in them. Learn how to exude an enigmatic attitude and remain authentic.

Part 1
Talking with others

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    Don't reveal too much to other people. People are interested in mysteries because they want to know more. One key to being mysterious is keeping a rein on your personal information. Share your thoughts only with those people closest to you; it communicates to everyone else that there's more to you than they know.
    • Basic information can be revealed to people you really know and trust. Even then, don't reveal too much.
    • Avoid talking about yourself too much. Talk about other things instead.
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    Don't brag. Talking yourself up too much will make you seem vacant and self-absorbed. Instead, let other people notice your accomplishments and talents. When they compliment you or bring it up, smile and say thank you. Avoid going on and on about it.
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    Speak carefully. Weigh your words. Don't always leap to say everything that comes to mind. This will not only make you seem mysterious but also thoughtful and well-spoken.
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    Respond gently and politely when people speak to you. You might be tempted to enhance your air of mysteriousness by not responding, but that will only make you seem snobby. Talking back in a quiet, considered way draws people in and makes them want to engage you more.
    • Where appropriate, answer questions by saying "no" and offering shrugs. People beyond family and intimates do not need serious answers to their questions. Unless someone asks you something like "do you like my outfit" etc., which is best to be handled with a less enthusiastic "sure". You can't let anyone think you're really into something, but you can't let them think you hate it either.
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    End conversations on a cliffhanger. To do this, at the end of your talk, add something like "probably", "maybe" or something like that to add suspension to your conversation, then, simply walk away. This makes the person you are talking to think about what you said. An example: "I guess we could, but only if____. Probably."

Part 2
Interacting with others

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    Be a good listener. Naturally, most people like to talk about themselves. Steer the conversation in that direction, and you can still interact with people without giving away too much about yourself.
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    Observe people with a slightly amused but benevolent look, as if you find their behavior interesting.
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    Smile often but do not laugh at people's jokes. This shows people that they need to impress you for you to appreciate their humor.
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    Maintain a colder, teasing expression. This means no little squeals or hollering at any small thing. This also means you have to smirk at every other person you see. Not in a mean way, just a "Nyah nyah" way. Make it subtle and quick, so the person you smirk at will wonder if she or he really did see you smirk.
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    Don't gossip. Talking about other people makes your interests seem shallow and boring. Avoiding gossip signals that you're into deeper, more interesting topics and enhances your aura of mystery.
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    Leave people wanting more. When you're talking with someone or attending an event, excuse yourself just a little bit before the other person wants you to. It makes them eager to pick up where you left off last time, and leaves them wondering where you have to be.


  • Don't forget to smile. Being mysterious doesn't mean being grouchy.
  • Basically, the image you are aiming for is the "I don't know who you are, but I know you. And I don't know anything about you, because you are so mysterious" sort of effect.
  • Eye contact is important. Show confidence but don't stare at people, or you will come off as weird.
  • If you want to be mysterious then that doesn't mean you have to stay quiet all the time.Just speak, but quietly. But if someone says something mean to you, you could either ignore it or say 'please stop. When asked a personal question, be vague.


  • Don't answer yes/no questions with a "maybe" all the time. If you do, it could just annoy people.
  • Make sure you always stay true to yourself. A lack of standing up for yourself and correcting people's assumptions can lead to them assuming who you and deciding for themselves what sort of person you are. Far from mysterious, this ends up being a form of alienation and you'll fail to gain respect from such people. Being mysterious is thus not about erasing yourself but about not giving away too much.
  • Be mysterious but not rude. Never overdo it. It just makes it seem like you've got a bad attitude.

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