How to Be Motivated to Write an Article on wikiHow

Being a writer on wikiHow can feel a little like being a short story writer. It requires effort and forethought, good grammar and spelling, and a handle on your topic that goes beyond self-evident clichés. If you have a desire to write on wikiHow but need motivation to get you started, begin by deciding that you really have a topic that's unique and interesting.


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    Find a topic you enjoy. Writing is always easier when you are interested in the subject-matter. While it's okay to challenge yourself once in a while, you'll stay more motivated if you stick with what you know best.
    • Check that the article doesn't already exist. It'll demotivate you if you go to a whole lot of trouble only to have the article merged or deleted just because it repeated what is already covered here.
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    Find a suggested topic to write about if you're stumped for ideas. If you still can't come up with something cool to write about, there are lots of requests available to choose from. Just a hint––the requests machine is not very smart and keeps a lot of duplicate requests in place, so do check that the topic hasn't already been answered before attempting to write it, or you risk getting demotivated if it gets merged or deleted for being a duplicate.
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    Talk to other authors and editors on wikiHow. Just choose someone you know, like or who seems interesting. Pick their brain for ideas on what to write about, perhaps telling them a few areas that are of interest to you.
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    Look online for ideas. Go to sites you enjoy reading to find what's hot, hip and happening. Maybe these will give you some inspiration for writing ideas.
    • Naturally, do not copy anything. Just be inspired. wikiHow has a copyright violations bot that finds copied work, so don't go down that avenue.
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    Write in a comfortable place. Choose a cozy, comfortable and quiet spot to do your writing. This will help you to focus and avoid distractions.
    • Have some snacks and drinks with you. These can help give you sustenance.
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    Spend time planning the article. This includes coming up with an introduction that isn't merely an infomercial style of asking a question and acting as if the article is all the author needs.
    • Write a cool introduction, not a bad one. A bad one reads like an infomercial, such as "Are you having problems being motivated? Then this article is for you! Read on to step 1!" None of those phrases should exist in an introduction, unless you're training to write clichés and infomercials.
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    Let it go. If you can't find the motivation, then do something else. There is no point forcing yourself as you won't enjoy it and being a part of wikiHow is meant to be fun, not a chore. Leave it to another day, when a lightning bolt of inspiration does hit you. In the meantime, there are plenty of other fun things to try––just check out the Community Dashboard. You are not required by wikiHow to have to write an article. You can simply patrol tips and categorize articles. Both of those are easy.


  • Don't feel like you have to write a new article every week or every day. Go back through your previous articles. There is always a way to polish it.
  • Drink some chamomile and green tea if you are a tea lover; it may have calming effects on you.[1]
  • If you are a coffee lover, spend some time at local coffee shops with your favorite latte. Bring headphones and listen to music.
  • Listening to music anywhere may help. Search up some relaxing music on YouTube. Chopin and some Haydn can help.

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