How to Be More Confident With Men

Women have developed a notion that men are difficult to be approached, and that it should be done the other way around. Well, that is not true. Although men seem to be creatures of a different kind, they are easier to be approached then you may think.


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    Reinvent your vision of a man. Men are seen differently from women, but regardless of our differences, we are both human. Every human being has feelings, and enjoys feeling appreciated and loved. When you see your counterpart, don't stereotype and visualize him being a man, but rather a human being. When that happens, the fear of approach will slowly disappear and you will realize that men like attention as much as women do and are just as scared to approach a woman. After all, you wouldn't think of being fearful to approach another woman in a friendly way.
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    Be yourself. Don't make yourself up for anyone. Confidence comes from within. Even though we don't always notice it, we are naturally confident with our family. This is because we have been around them all our life. There is no difference weather you are conversing with your brother or sister, you are just as confident and at ease with yourself. So don't think that confidence comes from which sex you are speaking to, it is all in your head and you must change your train of thought to change your behavior around men.
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    Treat a man as a friend first, and as something more second. When a straight woman interacts with another straight woman, there are no thoughts of attraction or a possibility of a sexual relationship. This is why women are more at ease with each other. Women can converse without any hidden meanings or emotion running through them as they would with men. When a woman interacts with a man, no matter the level of attraction, there will always be thoughts of seeing him for more than a friendship. This train of thought is difficult to change, but if you reinvent the man in your mind to just be a human being rather then a man, you should be able to speak to him normally without thinking of him as the opposite sex.
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    Just relax and smile. As you would with someone who you speak to comfortably without any frills, breathe and relax with a guy. There is no need to feel tense, of feel like the opposite party needs to prove something. And neither do you. Smile, and interact with him as you would a sibling, a female friend or a parent. There is absolutely no need to put him on a pedestal or envision him as something he is not. Get into a comfortable state of mind, and if that does not help, pretend he actually is one of the people you interact with on a comfortable level.
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    Take a look at confident women around your workplace or at the bar. Those women will be easy to spot, as they're the ones smiling, flirting and just being comfortable and confident in their own skin. They will radiate confidence throughout the room, and men will be attracted to them. See what they do, and what makes them so at ease. Try to mimic that. Remember, you want to be yourself, but you also want to let yourself go. The reason one is uncomfortable or scared of something, is because of the bad outcomes we make up in our minds. However, just think of how attracted and drawn men will be to you instead of thinking in a negative way. That will definitely change your mind.


  • The way you carry yourself is important, too. If you're interested then look like you're 'sort of' interested.
  • No matter what, you are the best you can be.
  • Don't be upset if it doesn't work.


  • Don't push it. Know your limits.

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