How to Be More Adventurous

Feeling boring? Become more adventurous just by approaching things anew!


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    Look at your daily schedule and see what boring areas of your life you can spike up a little. If you find that you often have long periods of free time, see what extra activities you can fit into that time to make your life more exciting. However, make sure you have a healthy balance of play and work, and not more or less of one.
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    Shake up your daily routine by trying new things. New foods, styles, places, etc. often contribute to excitement that makes life more enjoyable. If you're uptight or hesitant when it comes to changing your life a little, you need to relax and let yourself go a little more!
    • Try wearing something completely out of character while making sure it still complements your body and skin tone.
    • Eat something different for one or all of your meals, but make sure your stomach won't have a negative reaction towards it! Avoid trying new foods that contain ingredients that you are allergic to, such as nuts.
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    Face your fears head-on without hesitation. If you let yourself go and have some fun, you may actually find that your fears have been preventing you from enjoying new activities! Heights, karaoke, and public speaking are only a few of the fears that a lot of people have. Often, these fears will bind them to their old, familiar ways, keeping them from discovering new activities and hobbies they may enjoy.
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    Mix up your weekend. This will open your mind to completely new experiences and inspire you! Instead of staying home and sleeping in, go to a completely new place that you've never been to before. You could also sign up for a new sport that you've never tried, but have wanted to. You could also hang out with that new student at your school! However, if you're a more laid-back person who enjoys curling up at home in a quiet spot, try listening a playlist of foreign music you aren't familiar with. You'll never know if you'll like it or not if you don't try it.
    • Bring your camera to capture any memories while visiting a new place over the weekend.
    • Make sure you have secured plans with that new student beforehand so the time and date won't get mixed up.
    • Make sure the foreign music is appropriate, as there may be some inappropriate content in the foreign language! It's best to listen to instrumental foreign music, as that eliminates the possibility that you may be listening to sexual or inappropriate words in a different language.
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    Get over your anxiety of approaching people. Tell yourself that they are humans, just like you, and no less or more than you! A stranger doesn't have to be a stranger, unless if you make him/her one. If you want to talk to that cute guy or girl, just go up to him and simply say in a friendly tone, "Hey."
    • If the guy responds positively and returns your greeting, strike up a friendly, harmless conversation with him that tells him "I just want to be friendly with you, and I want nothing more or less". However, keep the flirting out of the conversation until you get to know him better. Keep in mind that flirting might scare him off or shatter everything you've built up!
      • Excuse yourself while the conversation is still positive and interesting, but leave at an appropriate break or pause. This will make him look forward to the next conversation, for he will expect it to be just as fun and lively. Don't forget to exchange cell phone numbers and/or email addresses if you want to keep up a friendship with him!
      • If you linger, you two may end in an awkward silence that makes him not look forward to the next conversation with you.
    • If the guy looks at you with disgust or responds negatively, brush it off and treat him nicely before excusing yourself and calmly walking away. Don't let him get to you; you won't ever have to see him again!
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    Host get-togethers for your friends, but not too often! Not only will this give you a time to kick back and enjoy your friends, but you'll also be motivated to keep the house clean since you'll have friends coming over more frequently! While you're tidying up the house would be a good idea to go through that closet in which you seem to hide everything in.
    • A good suggestion for a get-together is a scary movie marathon!
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    Enjoy yourself and your new life. Don't be afraid to take risks and be bold when you need to, as fear is just a prison to keep you from enjoying new and fun experiences.

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