How to Be Mentally Prepared and Organized Before School Starts

The first day of school is anticipated by some and dreaded by others, but its arrival is inevitable! Here are some steps you can take to help you to mentally prepare yourself for the coming school year.


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    Start by setting your alarm clock a little earlier. Begin doing this about 2 weeks before school starts. This way, you will be well adjusted to waking up early and you will be alert and ready for school. So, if you have to wake up at 6:30 set your alarm to 6:20.
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    Make sure you have clothes that meet with the dress-code guidelines of your school. It is much easier to be relaxed at school if you aren't hiding your way-too-baggy pants or way-too-short skirt from the administration. The in-things or autumn fashions might be different as well so just wear some comfy clean clothing until the "must-haves" come in, then you can adapt if you want to. Don't wear anything flashy or summery for about a week beforehand, as you definitely won't be wearing that in school! Also remember that if you have been dressing like a slob in the summer then about a week beforehand, make an effort with your appearance- it will prepare you for the clothing attention.
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    If you don't do it already, start eating breakfast every morning. This is a very important thing to do. Eating fuels up your brain with energy to get going. Scientists proved that kids who eat breakfast every morning get better grades than kids who don't. Try to avoid the sugary cereal breakfast though, the sugar rush will peter out by mid morning, leaving you craving more sugar. A healthy breakfast will maintain your energy through lunch time and it will make you feel ready for class. However, don't eat too much. It is difficult to remain calm and relaxed on the first day of school if you are being seen heading to the bathroom every five minutes.
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    If you receive your textbooks before the start of classes, take a look through them. You will feel much more comfortable entering a class when you already have an idea of the material you will cover. Take extra care of your textbooks. Most schools have fee of around $50 if you damage or lose a book.If you lose your book, the teacher will identify you as a bad student, which is a complete no-no for a good student.
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    Buy as many of the school supplies you will need before the start of classes as possible. This way you will already have your materials organized when you go to class. It will be easy to get the one or two extra materials your teacher may request of you. An idea of things to get:
    • #2 Pencils
    • Paper
    • Folders & Binders
    • Highlighters
    • Pens
    • Mini Stapler
    • Paper Clips
    • A Printer if you A) Don't have one B) Know you will be typing a lot of papers C) Don't want to pay the library fee.
    • Notebooks
    • Backpack
    • Erasers
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    Go to How to Organize Your Backpack for more ideas of how to get your backpack ready for school. It's important to have this task down because it can help you stay very organized. Only put the most essential things you will need in your backpack, leave the rest that you think you will need in the locker. After all, lockers aren't only for decorating, they are actually for schoolwork. Make sure you keep the heaviest things closest to your back, the bag will seem lighter if you do this. Clean your bag every week, or every day if you prefer.Put items only for school in your backpack, phones and electronic gizmos are more likely to be confiscated. If your school allows and so do your parents to take them to school, leave them in lockers during classes or shut them off.
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    Get a daily or weekly planner. They will help immensely when you start classes, and you will be able to balance classes, studying, sports, and social time much better. You will be less stressed when you can actually see that you have time set aside for the things you need to do. Put your Homework in so as not to forget it- most people find that doing it right after school is really good (it's great to know that it's done!) If your school provides you with a planner, that is the one you should use Mark the tasks done with a green sketch pen or any other color, and the ones not yet done with a red mark or with any other mark, but make sure it is not the same as the done work mark, or your confusion will touch a great height. Be sure to reward yourself after all of the tasks are marked with green, you have accomplished something today!
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    There are many ways to mentally prepare yourself for school. People cannot tell you exactly how you yourself can get ready in the most effective way but they will have ideas.Mix up different ideas and form new ones of your to find method that works best.Don't worry about organization, look for different articles to organize yourself on wikihow. Don't worry if you and your crew won't stay together, meet after school or every weekend and talk in study hall and in between classes to survive the separation nation. Relax about how you look, if you smile and simply ignore comments from people who tease you, you will be more confident. But if there is something you want to change about yourself, do it. You should not worry about getting bullied. Chances are that the teachers will be watching what goes on in the halls.But if teachers sit somewhere else or are busy during Study Hall, complain to any teacher afterwards. More Tips Below.


  • This may sound stupid, and may seem like it has nothing to do with your studies, but try as hard as you can not to get into any arguments and drama with your classmates because that can really chew you up inside and you should stay focused.
  • Get to know your teacher and establish good terms with him or her, as it will be easier and less awkward to ask for their help in the future.
  • Don't stress, think about the school supplies you brought and be excited to use them.
  • If you already have your backpack and supplies for school, try organizing the supplies into your backpack before school starts so you already have a system for that and won't have a messy backpack.
  • For when school does start it can really help to just be yourself. Some people try to be different to fit in but real friendships start by telling the truth about yourself, not just trying to fit in with the "in crowd". It won't do you any favours to pretend to be someone you aren't because you will probably get found out, or end up being with "friends" that you don't really like
  • Organise your backpack every night or in the morning.
  • Use your school's locker system (if they have one). If your locker isn't clean, try coming into school during the holidays to clean up. If bags, laptops, books, etc. don't fit, ask for a second locker. Don't just take one if they say no, because you will get into trouble if a teacher or other authority figure finds out.
  • Pick out your outfit the night before so you're not stressing out in the morning about what to wear.


  • Don't procrastinate. This will only add stress and make everything seem ten times worse than it needs to be. If you need help, ask a parent, teacher, or search wikiHow for help.
  • Do not take advantage of teachers that don't count lateness. If they don't count lateness in that one class, do not just think to yourself "Oh I do not have a due date as long at it is turned in by the end of the semester for my semester grade". "NO!" be on top of it and turn in everything no matter what teacher you have in on time!
  • It is okay if you talk to your friends about too much homework or a whoa workload or too many tests in school, but do not say a word against a teacher. They teach you, respect them. And if still don't, no problem, but look out for faculty members, other teachers and authority figures, and especially the teacher you are talking about. Still don't say disrespectful things about a teacher. It is immoral and disrespectful, but the most dangerous situation is that one of your friends might be the one to let the cat out of the bag ( he or she could tell any faculty member, authority figure, teacher, teacher you are talking about or a student council member)

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