How to Be Liked More by People

Do you feel like more people could like you? Do you want to seem more popular? If so, this guide is for you!


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    Be friendly to other people. Smile at them or say hi when you see them! Soon they will begin to notice how nice you are. Don't do it ALL the time or you will seem annoying.
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    Talk to people! You can find something to say to anyone if you try hard enough. If you are in school, then say something about it!
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    Make sure you have good manners and treat others with respect. If someone is rude to you, you don't have to be rude back. More than likely, them being rude will lower their spirits as well. Don't let it ruin your day. You have much more important things to worry about.
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    People will like you more if they see you're a laid back, friendly type of person. So don't act too serious!
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    Do fun things! Also, talk to people about what you do. Maybe you share a hobby!
    • This doesn't mean get up to trouble. I mean a bit of a laugh is good, but not so that it disturbs peace. There's lots more you can do than you think.
    • Go to the beach, movies, shops, park, even if it's just a fun time at home with some friends watching a movie and eating pizza. I can tell you to me that would be fun right now!
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    Remember, don't do anything you wouldn't normally. You want people to like the REAL you!


  • Acting old fashioned is good too. Good manners, dressing nicely and all that would be different these days, and people would like it.
  • Usually what people like is nice people who are still fun. You don't have to swear, smoke, be loud or dress out there to be cool, in fact that just makes you look like an idiot to most.
  • Help out people. If someone is shy or quiet and watch others as if they wish they could join it. Go over and get friendly. I've seen shy people and they usually turn out to be the best friends, it's just a matter of breaking them out of their shell. But then there's someone else who likes you!


  • Don't rely on people to do things for you all the time. Like driving you everywhere, lending you money. Eventually they'll get annoyed, won't be there to help and you'll have to look after yourself.
  • Never ever be nasty. They will lead you to become unpopular to the point where you have no friends and you're all alone and miserable.
  • Don't be depressed all the time. Friends can get upset when you talk to them about suicide and stuff. Go see a doctor or talk to family. Just lay off talking 'Too much' about it too them. Try to be happy, it honestly is possible in an easy way!
  • Don't get too involved in others problems, depending on what it is. If they're upset about something personal or something that you shouldn't get involved it. Be there for them but don't give them money or anything just to show them you're their friend. There's other ways of being their friend and they may start to expect money from you all the time. It can lead to problems so be careful. Just hug them or you CAN buy them a drink to cheer them up.

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