How to Be Liked and Respected by Your Classmates

Ever wanted to be liked and respected by everyone in your class? Here's a guide but it doesn't guarantee anything. Get started at step number.


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    Help out your fellow classmates, whether it's helping them with the assignment or just picking up a pen they may have dropped. This will definitely influence what they think of you. Don't become a dogsbody though, if people start dropping their pens and making you pick them up all the time, don't be a mug, realize, they are taking piss.
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    Never make fun of any of your classmates, especially when you know they're in a delicate stage. If they look like they're having a bad day or came out of a troubled relationship, or whatever the case may be, the last thing you should do is make fun of them. Be aware of the drama kings and queens in your class though. Many people relish the attention they get whilst they are experiencing 'trauma' such as a broken finger nail, a not totally up to date phone, end of a two week relationship or not getting 100 likes on their last new profile pic information Facebook within an hour of them posting it etc. It is okay to not sympathise with people who create thier own problems.
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    Participate in school events, whenever possible. The Debate Team, the Chess Club, the football team, the cheer squad, the Glee Club, the cricket team, Band, all are good, all are cool and any will earn you the respect and admiration of your classmate.
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    Cheer them up if they're down. Following up to the last step, try cheering them up if you can. But if they don't seem to want you talking to them go away right away.
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    Always smile.
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    Always laugh at jokes. As long as it's funny, and doesn't affect anyone personally, laugh. The last thing class clowns want is a serious party pooper. You don't have to be funny, but at least laugh, even if the joke is directed at you.
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    Don't be a weasel, ferret, stoat or teacher's pet. Nobody wants to be near someone who tattle tales on everyone, nor does anyone want to have anything to do with a teachers pet.
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    Talk to everyone with the same amount of respect.
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    Treat everyone like your friends. It's a good way to get liked and also a good way to stop people being mean towards you.
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    Be available as often as possible. If your friends invite you to any birthday parties or hang outs, always try to show up whenever possible.


  • Be respectful to them as they are to you. Treat other people as you would want to be treated.
  • Be nice and calm all the time.
  • Being the class clown might make people want to be around you, but you won't necessarily make friends, unless they are immature.


  • If a person doesn't like you, don't try too hard to get them to like you. You'll just come off as irritating and annoying. Nobody likes that.
  • Never hang out somewhere you feel unsafe.
  • Never give in to peer pressure just to make people like you.
  • It's impossible to have everyone like you all the time.
  • Sometimes people will see you trying to be more liked and they will think you are desperate and may make fun of you. Just ignore them.

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