How to Be Like the Mad Hatter

Two Parts:Attitude and PersonalityClothes and Looks

Have you ever watched Alice in Wonderland and thought to yourself, "Hey, the Mad Hatter is a cool character!"? Maybe you like him so much that you want to be like him. Well now you can! Read on to find out how to be like this eccentric character!

Part 1
Attitude and Personality

  1. 1
    Be nice. The Mad Hatter has a special kind of personality. He is crazy, however, he is still extremely sweet. He is always nice to his best friends, the Hare, the Dormouse, and Alice. The first way to be like Hatter is to be nice to everyone. Always make your friends laugh whenever you can. Make silly faces and tell jokes to cheer people up when they're sad.
  2. 2
    Act crazy. The Mad Hatter is called "mad" because that's exactly who he is: a madman. So you should act crazy and silly. Try not to care what other's think of your goofy weirdness. Just have fun!
  3. 3
    Have a positive attitude. Hatter likes to make the best out of bad situations. Hatter "fudderwacks" when things get difficult. Try to stay positive the best you can, but don't be afraid to show your feelings when you're sad.

Part 2
Clothes and Looks

  1. 1
    Wear crazy clothes. Hatter always wears a top hat. You don't have to wear something so big and bulky on your head all the time, but you can wear a fedora, beret, or any type of small, subtle hat. You can also wear bright and crazy clothes. Some things you need to dress like the Hatter are any type of hat, brightly colored/patterned socks, a tailored coat or vest, bow-ties, button-up shirts, and any clothes with floral patterns. Make sure you wear you don't dress too crazy, or you'll look stupid instead of different.
  2. 2
    Wear makeup. It's never been verified if the Mad Hatter is wearing makeup, or if he was just born with a rainbow of colors on his face. Since no one actually looks like that in real life, you'll just have to use makeup. Use pink lipstick and blush. Use pink, blue, orange, and purple eyeshadow. Just don't wear the makeup too bright, because then you'll just look like a disco dancer. It's best to just stick to just one bright color. Look at pictures of the Mad Hatter on Google or Bing for reference. There's also some tutorials for his makeup on YouTube.
  3. 3
    Get an interesting hairstyle. The Mad Hatter has orange hair, but most people don't have that. His hair is also wavy, so you can crimp it. If you have naturally red hair, then that's perfect! If not, you can always use hair chalks. It doesn't even have to be orange. It can be any interesting and bright color. You can use store-bought dyes or hair streaking kits, or use Kool Aid dying for a cheaper, more temporary option.


  • You can learn how to do the Fudderwacken on YouTube. Of course, you can't spin your head all the way around, but the rest of the dance is totally possible.
  • Find or make cool hats and wear them as often as possible
  • Always act polite, remember the Mad Hatter was hosting a tea party
  • Ask your parents before doing anything to your hair


  • Don't be too weird, or people will think you're annoying and not hang out with you.

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