How to Be Like the DSL Daters from the Clique Series

Everyone wants to be the pretty committee. Except, of course, for the more eclectic, and dare we say it? More popular 8th grade alphas, the DSL daters. Led by Skye Hamilton, these girls are all-blonde dancey-dressed boy magnets. You can be one too!


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    Let's start with the look- you've got to look amazing, 'cause as Skye puts it, "um, we're not exactly ugly"- so take great care of yourself, and soon you'll have a bf who wants to do the same...
    • If your hair is not already blonde, I seriously suggest that you dye or highlight it to the desired blondness.Or an even cheaper "in the shower" blonding idea for girls with dark brown hair is John Freida blonding glaze. It gradually makes brown hair look NATURALLY lighter even though its made for blondes. Once you've done that, wash and condition it every single day with either Bumble and Bumble or Aveda products. Wear it in dancey styles, like buns, ponytails, etc, but also occasionally just keep it down and wavy.
    • Make sure your skin is the best it can be- this means getting acne treatments prescribed and using them religiously. One or two blackheads is all right, but you just are not going to win a beauty pageant with a pimple the size of a tomato.
    • Wear a little make-up, from upscale brands such as Clinique (and Skye wears their Happy Perfume, so you might want to go for that, too), Sephora, Estee Lauder, and Victoria's Secret. However, if you want to get less obvious make-up from drugstore brands(you really only need expensive lip gloss and perfume- that's all other people need to see, right?) then go ahead.
    • Shower everyday, maybe twice a day, and use a cute smelling bath gel such as Essence of Beauty. Always wear deodorant! You never want a visible sweat mark!
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    Now for the style. Wear dancey clothes such as leggings, flats, shrugs, legwarmers, etc. with your basics (basics can come from stores like Old Navy or Forever21) and throw in a few expensive designer items (designer bag mandatory), such as Coach bags, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Calvin Klein jeans, Tommy Hilfiger flip flops, etc. We are basically going for the rich ballerina look.
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    For the attitude, be super sweet, but tricky when needed. Don't gossip too much, but a little is healthy fun, so go for it! Make sure your clique is at least semi-popular.
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    Flirt all the time, and kiss nearly as much, but don't get a fixed boyfriend unless absolutely necessary (do not give up true love just to be like some character in a book, obviously. That's pathetic.). Every time you kiss a boy, buy a new, thin silver bangle.


  • Skye's signature scents are Aveda's shampoo, Clinique's Happy perfume, and Secret's baby powder deodorant. Try these and others to find out your signature scents.
  • Get a Facebook or Twitter, but don't talk to sketchy people or give personal information to anyone you don't know.
  • Have a secret hang out for your clique. Even if it's a room in your house, make sure nobody knows it's your place.
  • Love all things mini, and in general anything really cutesy. Like glitter pens.
  • Love all animals. This totally helps with the sweetness thing.
  • Be as likeable as possible. There will always be people who don't care for you, just forget them and don't give people reasons to dislike you or doubt your intentions.
  • Don't cheat on an existing boyfriend (if you have one) and don't act slutty. Keep things classy.
  • Dress really uniquely. Forget what other people think.
  • Don't be afraid to crush on and flirt with (even kiss!) guys a grade or two ahead of you, but never older than that.
  • Cover things like remote controls with pink Swarovski crystals, or another color if you don't like pink.
  • Take dance lessons. Ballet, tap, jazz, modern, ballroom. Best of all would be hip hop or Latin such as Salsa style dancing.
  • Try to get your entire clique to be like you, but not EXACTLY like you. You don't want to be mistaken for someone in your group, do you? Didn't think so.
  • Use plumping lip gloss to make your lips extra huge, but don't overdo it. Then you'll look like a fish.


  • Some people will think the way you dress is odd, until it catches on and then you are the one who starts a trend.

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