How to Be Like Quinn from Glee

Quinn Fabray is the popular cheerleader (played by Dianna Agron) who joins Glee club on the FOX show "Glee". She is known for her girly style, cold disposition, and beautiful voice.


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    Get her innocent, girly style. Quinn wears bright, feminine clothes. Look for pastels, ruffles, and cute dresses. To find these kind of clothes, look in local boutiques, or places like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales. Remember, even though Quinn got pregnant, she is still very modest. She wears all her dresses on the long side. In season two, she also layers a lot and wears a more muted color palette- browns, deep reds, white, etc.
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    Keep makeup natural. Quinn wears makeup, but never looks trashy or wears harsh colors. Wash your face daily, as Quinn has perfect skin. Apply foundation, a little blush, some brown eyeliner, and mascara. Quinn also wears a neutral colored lipstick, so you could include that, too.
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    Hair: Quinn has medium blonde colored hair that she usually wears in a ponytail for cheerleading. But when it's not in a ponytail, Quinn's hair is usually straight and layered or has soft curls. To achieve this look, apply a straightening product and blow hair dry with a round brush, or curl sections of your hair. Quinn also usually clips back her bangs with a pretty barrette. At the end of the second season, she cut her hair short.
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    Be Popular. Quinn is the most popular girl in her school. However, if you are not a social person, it doesn't matter. Just try to be generally well-liked.
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    Use the cold shoulder. When around people you dislike, don't be afraid to be a little cold. Don't be mean or put them down, just act like you're Number 1 and you know it. But in the end, be a nice person.
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    Be religious. Quinn is a devout Christian. If you are not Christian, just practice your religion. If you are not religious at all, that's fine as well. Just stick to your beliefs no matter what (unless they are harmful to others).
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    Be a performer. Quinn is a fantastic singer and dancer. If you aren't naturally gifted in those areas, you can always try taking up an instrument or another art such as photography.


  • Care about people. Although Quinn may seem mean at first, she actually does want to help people and has a kind heart.
  • Be choosy with guys. Quinn only takes the best.
  • Look up Quinn makeup or hair tutorials.
  • This may be unrelated, but just so you know, the actress (Dianna Agron) who portrays Quinn is a talented individual who is widely known for her sweet, generous and adorable personality. If you want to be the all-rounder like Quinn who gets good grades and is gorgeous, why not top it off by being as sweet as Dianna?
  • Quinn is classy, so dress and act classy. Don't bend to people.
  • Don't be overly flirty. Quinn is very direct.
  • To honestly be like Quinn, you have to be mean to certain people who threaten you. Whether you want to go that far is your choice, but at the very least don't be a pushover.
  • Even though Quinn is seen drinking once, unless you want to truly be like Quinn, you shouldn't drink. She is seen getting wasted at a party in Season 2, Episode 14. Blame it on the Alcohol.
  • Don't be overly emotional. Quinn is generally very stoic.
  • Try out for cheerleading.


  • If you tell people you are trying to be like Quinn, they might make fun of you.
  • Don't have sex if you're not ready, and don't cheat on your boyfriend if you have one.

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