How to Be Like Megan Parker

Megan Parker is the devious sister from the show "Drake and Josh". She's cute and spunky, so why not try to be more like her? You too can get her perky attitude and cute dress style. It's not that hard! Let wikiHow show you how: just get started with Step 1.


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    Get Megan's look. She has brown hair which is fairly long. If you don't have brown hair, that's okay, because if you were meant to be a redhead, well, you might not look good as a brunette! She has brown eyes, but if you don't have brown eyes, it's okay. Don't try to change you eye color. It looks to fake. Keep your hair the way it is unless you are truly willing to change it. For clothes, wear really funky pieces. Jackets with cool patterns, jeans with designs on them, things like that. Also, remember hygiene is important! Shower daily and apply a little bit of makeup to look fresh.
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    Get Megan's attitude. Megan is kind of sarcastic, but really funny! Try to adopt this way of talking. Now, remember, if you are saying sarcastic comments to siblings, don't get caught by your parents. Megan doesn't get in trouble. Be really sweet to your parents and then break rules behind their back. Megan is still a really sweet girl though, so make sure you have manners and you'll be fine.
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    Pull pranks on your siblings. If you are without siblings, do it to your friends. Don't pull pranks on your parents because Megan doesn't do that. Again, you want the sweet innocent princess act to go smoothly with your parents. Instead, have fun with siblings and friends. Don't get caught!
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    Develop interests like Megan. Megan plays the oboe and takes lessons. Try to take some kind of music lesson if you can, maybe even voice lessons. She also loves animals (she has a lot of animal stuff in her room) and other girly things.
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    Make your bedroom look like Megan's. As shown in the episode "Megan's Revenge" Megan has a very colorful room with a lot of animals and posters. Megan also has a nice computer. Try watching the show to pick up on some bedroom tips.
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    Do well in school. This goes along with the parents thing. Make them love you. If you have good grades, you'll look better than the siblings who don't. When your parents are happy, you will generally get what you want.
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    Remember to plan your pranks before doing them, and make sure your parents are well out of the way before you do ANYTHING devious.


  • Megan is usually seen with a bottle of water or a soda, so keep a drink handy if you can.
  • Megan also is seen saying "I'm gonna go get some fruit" or "I'm gonna go get a pot pie" randomly. When you are talking to someone in your family, say that depending on what you know is downstairs and then eat it. Don't do this too much, Megan's a skinny girl.
  • Your local mall is a great place to go for clothes like Megan's.


  • Don't tell people you are trying to be like her.
  • Remember that you will be like Megan, you won't actually become her.

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