How to Be Like Kimbo

School dudes: Sick of being bullied? Sick of being down low? Seen Kimbo's fights? Want to be like him? Here is a guide for you!


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    Tank up that body! Mainly those arms! Get some weights or go to a gym and get huge forearms, biceps, triceps and chest. Eat a lot! You need to get big and that's by eating all the food you can.
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    Be bold, but if you're at school and can't get something like an all round number three bladed shave. Don't shave, let it grow!
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    Don't be a dickhead. Don't much around in class and don't be a bitch. Answer questions and be good at school grades, but don't be a big mouth or some troublemaker.
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    FIGHT! Before doing so, punch the punching bag or get into some boxing classes. You have the muscles, the looks, and now you need a rep in the school hierarchy. Bulled! Perfect! Fight one of them in a one on one fist fight, making sure it's filmed and win! No mercy.
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    Be a good sport. Make peace with the bullies and become friends.
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    Now that bullies aren't a problem, try going for some fights, friendly style. Show that you're the greatest.


  • Try to make bets with the fights, like $5 for the winner, giving 2.50 for each fighter. Or, if you're really confident, try $20.
  • When you're not in school, or don't need a uniform, wear a tank top, grey pants, a beanie and a chain. if you're cold put on a jacket.
  • If you lose a fight, make sure you've fought hard first. if you put up a good punch or two, then there's no reason to cry about it. Go for someone else and after winning a few go and fight the dude you lost to. Remember, Kimbo lost one fight, and there's rumor that he's gonna mess him up one day!
  • Before fighting, get muscles and get big. Otherwise, if you're getting bullied, refer to some tips on how to stop getting bulled.


  • Don't beat up kids! Ask if they want to fight and if they don't, respect that decision.

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