How to Be Like Katniss Everdeen

To be like Katniss Everdeen, you don't need to copy every move of hers. You don't need to wear a Mockingjay pin everywhere, and you don't need to know how to hunt. In fact, you can love animals as much as you want. For some easy ways to be like Katniss Everdeen, read on.


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    Love your family unconditionally. No matter what they do, let them know you love them. Try your hardest to make them happy and protect them. It doesn't matter what they do or don't do. For example, if your older brother is trying to help you with your homework, and you get the answers wrong, don't lash out on him. Thank him for just trying to help you.
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    Be grateful. Don't be picky. Even though you don't like that ugly wool sweater from your grandmother, think that you're lucky to have that sweater because it will keep you warm. A lot of other kids are very cold because they don't have enough money to stay warm. Eat all of your food- Katniss is lucky to get any bite of food on her table.
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    Don't be a crybaby. It's okay to cry if someone you love dies, or if your best friend is moving away. But don't slump into your seat and pout when you get a bad grade. Be strong. Fight back.
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    Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Katniss has very strong opinions, and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Don't change your mind just because your friends think something else. Fight for what you believe in.
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    Have a unique hobby. It doesn't have to be archery. In fact, it is better if it's not archery, because Katniss is unique and different, and you wouldn't be unique and different if you just copied her hobby.
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    Don't care too much about your appearance. Don't go around looking like a slob. But being a fashionista shouldn't be your biggest goal. If you really want to look like Katniss, then always wear braids, don't wear as much makeup, and wear what is comfortable before cute.
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    Don't copy every little thing about her. Katniss is different. Everyone is different. You should be yourself, everyone else is already taken.
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    Be as brave as possible. Katniss is known for her bravery out of many things. She stands up for what she believes in, clearly. Also, if she throws up, she does. No need to tell anyone, right? If she is in The Hunger Games, no need to cry, sob, and scream, just be as brave as possible.
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    Care about others. Katniss does not care too much about herself. She cares about other people and if she has an opportunity to do something, she does it.
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    Style. Katniss wears simple colors like brown and black. To get a style like hers, be confident in what you are wearing and do not wear expensive clothing whatever you do. Katniss has brown combat boots so you can get those, or beige boots that go up to her knee. She also has black pants, a brown v-neck, a black top, and her famous brown jacket. In the Hunger Games, she wore a loose black jacket.
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    Hair. Katniss has black (in the books) or dark brown (in the movies) hair. It is about 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) below her shoulder when she has it at that famous side braid, so it is at a long length. To get her color, you can use dye, temporary dye, or even a wig. To get her length and style, try growing it out to make it somewhat long. She rarely has her hair down and when it is down, it is wavy, not straight or curly. You can achieve this by after showering, put your hair into a braid(s)and take them out in the morning.
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    Makeup. During Katniss' interview she wore smoky eyes, red lipstick and body glitter.
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    Give back. Volunteer for charities. Katniss always help others before herself.


  • Remember to be brave.
  • Be as grateful as possible.
  • Be scared at sometimes but let your braveness push through.
  • Care about others more than yourself.
  • Love your family no matter what happens.
  • Don't be a hater, just don't be perky.
  • Remember to always be as smart as a whip!
  • Don't be the least dramatic.
  • Don't be a picky eater, or picky in anything.
  • Try to wear dark colors.
  • Feel your District 12 spirit!
  • Don't copy everything about Katniss, be unique and just stand out (in a good way).
  • Never wear expensive clothes.
  • Try not to be too friendly or perky.
  • Try new things. Maybe learn different skills like Katniss.


  • Don't starve yourself. Katniss would give anything to be plump.

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